President Trump’s record on Puerto Rico has been awful. It took years for him to approve relief funds for the island and they came during a campaign season. Marc Anthony teamed up with The Lincoln Project to call out President Trump’s response to Puerto Rico after a series of natural disasters.

Marc Anthony is calling for Puerto Ricans on the mainland to “vote him out.”

The Puerto Rican singer voiced an ad by The Lincoln Project against President Trump and his response to Hurricane Maria. In 2017, the hurricane devastated the island. Millions of Americans were without power and running water for months and thousands died. President Trump spent the time after Hurricane Maria arguing with experts over the death toll.

Anthony is proud to have been part of the campaign to get Trump out of office.

The ad shows the island struggling to recover after Maria. All throughout, the ad highlights President Trump’s failed response to the crisis. Instead of supplying aid for Puerto Rico, President Trump fought to move the funds to states impacted by other hurricanes. Meanwhile, President Trump complained publicly about needing to help Puerto Rico, even saying it threw off the budget during a press conference.

Voters are not letting his actions in Puerto Rico go unchallenged.

President Trump pushed back against relief funds for Puerto Rico for years. It wasn’t until he was running for reelection that President Trump suddenly announced relief funds. The money appeared at the same time that the Trump campaign realized that Puerto Ricans have become a formidable voting bloc in Florida, a key swing state for President Trump. Without Florida, President Trump’s likelihood of a second term shrink considerably.

Everyone remembers the infamous video of President Trump throwing paper towels.

The moment stunned people around the world. The president went to Puerto Rico after avoiding to do so for months. When he arrived, President Trump was caught on camera throwing paper towels into a crowd of Puerto Ricans. The people of Puerto Rico were desperate for aid and necessary relief to reopen schools, restore power and running water, offer food and medicine, and generally help the island. Instead, leaders on the island watched as the President of the United States threw paper towels to people in a crowd.

Some people want an ad made to target the Cuban community.

The Cuban community is notoriously conservative and many are excited for a second Trump term. The Lincoln Project has worked tirelessly to convince Republicans to vote against President Trump in the upcoming election. The Lincoln Project is a Republican organization that has focused ads on turning out voters against President Trump. Their focus has been Republican voters using Republican fear-mongering ad tactics.

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