In a groundbreaking announcement none of us can get over, Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson officially just became the first Black woman ever to serve on the Supreme Court. This landmark victory just broke yet another glass ceiling — and we’re just getting started. As expected, the excitement about Jackson’s confirmation is overwhelming, starting with Vice President Kamala Harris herself.

Harris delivered the news of Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation as she presided over the Senate’s vote. She announced, “The question occurs on the nomination of Ketanji Brown Jackson of the District of Columbia, to be an associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.” Continuing, she explained Jackson was officially confirmed in a 53-47 vote — and visibly showed her excitement, smiling from ear to ear.

The Vice President isn’t nearly the only person feeling all the joy about the confirmation — countless people see it as a breath of fresh air, and a step in the right direction. Michelle Obama wrote on Twitter, “I was so moved to see Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson confirmed… I can’t help but feel a sense of pride—a sense of joy—to know that this deserving, accomplished Black woman will be a part of the highest court in the land.”

Meanwhile, Kenyan Senator Susan Kihika shared, “More women at the decision-making table is the way to go! Another glass ceiling shattered.” 

As we know, representation matters, and so many people are looking forward to Jackson continuing to inspire millions of people. New York Attorney General Letitia James explained, “Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is an inspiration to millions, including Black girls who will finally see themselves represented on America’s highest court.” Another Twitter user echoed the sentiment, writing, “The GOP can try to remove, ignore & whitewash history, but at the end of the day — we ARE history.”

While we plan on celebrating Jackson’s confirmation to no end, many people are at a loss for words when it comes to the many senators that voted against such a qualified candidate.

As one Twitter user put it, “the story isn’t [Republicans] Lisa Murkowski, Mitt Romney and Susan Collins pledging to vote to confirm Ketanji Brown Jackson… The story is all the Republicans who are voting against one of the most qualified candidates for SCOTUS ever.” Another user agreed, writing, “It’s not that 3 Republicans voted for Ketanji Brown Jackson… it’s that 47 voted against her because of racism.” 

Even more, many have noted many Republicans’ negative response towards the confirmation, with journalist Brian Tyler Cohen describing the atmosphere once it was announced.

No matter what some people may think about it, Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson has officially just become the first Black woman and the first public defender to serve on the Supreme Court — and no matter how disrespectful the confirmation hearings were, this is a historic move and a monumental step in the right direction.