As guest host of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” actor and activist John Leguizamo wasted no time getting down to business. At one point, he touched on the recent school shooting in Nashville and even threw some shade at controversial US Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene.

The actor’s comments come a few days after a school shooter entered the Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee. Altogether, the shooter, Audrey Hale, killed six people — three students and three teachers — before police arrived on the scene. Officers pronounced Hale dead just two minutes after they entered the building.

John Leguizamo discusses Nashville shooting on “The Daily Show”

Leguizamo opened the segment by recapping the events of the shooting. He then played a clip of a Rep. from Tennessee, Tim Burchett, saying “we’re not gonna fix it” in response to the shooting. The clip went viral on social media soon after the shooting and Leguizamo was just as outraged as the rest of us.

“That’s the best you have to offer?” Leguizamo asked. He then said, “If you don’t have any ideas for how to keep our kids safe, get the f— out of the way and go work at a Pinkberry or some shit.” Finally, he pointed out the fact that comparing a classroom to World War II might not be the slam dunk that Burchett thinks it is.

He quickly shifts the focus to Marjorie Taylor Greene

Leguizamo then turns his attention toward Marjorie Taylor Greene, who is latching onto the theory that the shooter, Audrey Hale, was actually a transgender person. Greene recently had her Twitter account suspended after posting conspiracy theories about a “Trans Day of Vengeance” led by Antifa.

However, Leguizamo had some fun mocking her, too. After pointing out that a vast majority of shooters are, in fact, cisgender people, Leguizamo made Greene a proposal to stop trans shooters from ever carrying out another attack. “I agree with you,” he said. “I don’t think trans people should be allowed to own assault rifles, either.”

Things take a turn when Leguizamo adds, “But to be safe, we should also ban non-trans people from owning assault rifles, okay? Just in case they become trans,” he says with a knowing smirk. The funniest bit comes at the end, when Leguizamo says some people might try to tell her he’s tricking her into supporting gun control.

“But you’re too smart for that,” he adds.

Check out the full “Daily Show” clip here:

Fans loved seeing Leguizamo guest host after Trevor Noah’s departure

Prior to Leguizamo, Hasan Minhaj, Marlon Wayans, Kal Penn, and Al Franken stepped in as guest hosts for one episode each. Next week’s episode will see Chelsea Handler hosting the show.

Elsewhere in Leguizamo’s episode, he did a sketch about auditioning as a Latino in Hollywood. Going back to his comedy roots, Leguizamo played all the characters in the sketch and it is absolutely hilarious.

Later, he even interviewed Ana Navarro:

Unsurprisingly, his fans ate it all up.