A high school district on the outskirts of Chicago is causing an uproar after a popular conservative Twitter account leaked a copy of the district’s coursebook, noting that they offer math classes exclusive to Black and Latino students.

The Evanston Township High School District 202 has a set of algebra, precalculus, and calculus classes exclusive to students who self-identify as Black or ‘Latinx,’ according to the coursebook.

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Some classes in this district are only for Black and Latino students

The description of one precalculus class ends with, “The course is restricted to students who identify as Latinx, all genders.” At the same time, the other reads, “The course is restricted to students who identify as Black male students.”

According to the ETHS’ website, the math classes exclusive to Black and Latino students will continue in the upcoming school year. A professor emeritus at the University of Michigan named Mark Perry is filing a federal civil rights complaint against the school district.

This is not Perry’s first complaint of this nature. He previously filed a complaint against the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The school offered specific fellowships and scholarships to students based on race and gender.

The university eventually did away with criteria regarding a fellowship for nutrition students. Initially, the university only offered this fellowship to BIPOC students. However, they are now offering it to any student, regardless of race.

On social media, people are not happy about the math classes

Once word got out about ETHS’ segregated math classes, social media went crazy criticizing the school for splitting up students based on race, regardless of their intentions.

However, many of the vocal critics of the school district traced back to conservative outlets, including the original poster.