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Americans are suffering through another unprecedented natural disaster. After years of escalating fires, ice storms, and draughts, a massive hurricane is now pummeling the East Coast. Hurricane Ida made landfall in Louisiana this past Sunday, where it caused significant damage to the city’s infrastructure.

It has since traveled through parts of Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Delaware. It is now pummeling New York City, New Jersey, and part of Pennsylvania with floods the likes of which the area has never seen. At least 150,000 homes have lost power. As of the time of this publication, the death toll is at least 41 people.

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When a disaster of this caliber strikes the country, we can’t help but wonder how the people affected by this extreme event are coping. Here is how the country is reacting to Hurricane Ida’s destruction.

First and foremost, people are taking to social media to share stunning footage of the severity of the flooding.

From stores to small businesses to subway lines to homes, people have been documenting the unprecedented flooding on social media for the world to see.

President Joe Biden held a press conference addressing the emergency.

“My message to everyone affected is: We’re all in this together. The nation is here to help,” Biden said in a speech. “That’s the message I’ve been making clear to the mayors, governors, energy and utility leaders in the region, who my administration has been working closely with over the past few days.”

“Working with governors in the area, even before Ida made landfall, I issued emergency declarations for Louisiana and Mississippi to help us respond quickly.” Biden also brought attention to the role of climate change in the surge of natural disasters sweeping the country. He also thanked first responders for their heroic efforts during this time.

Other left-leaning politicians made it clear that the country needs to create a plan to combat climate change.

Far-left politicians like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Senator Bernie Sanders slammed Republicans for refusing to fund greener laws that could potentially curb so many natural disasters.

Good Samaritans have been stepping up to provide assistance to those afflicted.

As with any time of emergency, the kindness and generosity of strangers has been heartwarming to witness.

…While some people decided to use the floods as an excuse to engage in water sports.

This man was photographed floating on a flooded freeway in Philadelphia.

Of course, there are some people who are starting to panic and do irrational things.

Just like at the beginning of the pandemic, there are those selfish people who come out of the woodwork to hoard resources for themselves, leaving other needy people high and dry.

If you or anyone you know is being impacted by Hurricane Ida, know that there are resources for you.

If your home is uninhabitable, find a nearby shelter where you can keep safe. Download Red Cross’s shelter map here to see if there are any vacancies near you.

If you’re without food or water, find a food bank on Feeding America’s online database:

Apply for disaster assistance from the federal government at

Read up on post-storm safety at