On Monday, the bodies of dozens of migrants from Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador were found in an abandoned tractor trailer in San Antonio, Texas. Now, more details are finally shedding light on the victims, including two brothers who were “anxious” to arrive in the United States in search of opportunities.

As reported by Telemundo, Karen Caballero from Honduras lost her two young sons Alejandro Caballero, 22, and Fernando Caballero, 19, in the tractor trailer, which so far has a death toll of 53 migrants. She told the outlet, “They were anxious to make the trip. They asked me every day, ‘Mom when are we going to leave?’” 

Describing Alejandro as a “big, affectionate teddy bear,” she said both her sons were just as excited about the trip to the U.S. as they were about birthday parties when they were little.

Karen also said that they were hopeful to arrive in the U.S. and start working there, recalling their promise that they would build her a house one day. Still, she urged them to make their own lives instead.

Before they left, the mother remembers telling her sons to “triumph” and “focus” on the journey ahead, with tons of hugs and kisses in between. 

Meanwhile, Alejandro and Fernando’s grandmother also spoke to Telemundo, describing her grandsons as “everything to her.” She added that the last thing they told her was that they “loved her.” Alejandro’s wife Margie Tamara Paz Grajeda, 20, also died in the tragedy.

As reported by PBS, the truck was found abandoned in San Antonio close to auto salvage yards, and originally held 67 migrants. Fifty-three people died in the incident, related to the excessive heat inside the truck after temperatures that day reached 99 degrees, and subsequent dehydration. According to the outlet, survivors that were brought to the hospital suffered from brain damage and internal bleeding.

Now, the truck driver and three other men are in custody as authorities continue to investigate why the truck was abandoned, and why these senseless deaths occurred. 

Mourners create makeshift memorial at the location site the tractor trailer that held 67 migrants was discovered, San Antonio, Texas, June 29, 2022. 
Courtesy of Getty Images