There may finally be some official footage of the elusive Florida Man we hear about from time to time. If not, this guy should be. A new viral TikTok shows a Miami resident holding on with every bit of strength in his body while stuck on a raised drawbridge.

And this isn’t a steep incline we’re talking about. This is a 90-degree angle, upright wall of hot, flat concrete. It’s still a bit of a mystery how he managed to survive something like this. Regardless, the video of it unfolding is pretty hilarious. Hopefully, he’ll remember to check the drawbridge schedule next time.

Florida Man gets stuck on a drawbridge in Miami

The only thing crazier than the man on the drawbridge is the person filming the video with his friends. There are immediately differing opinions on how the man ended up on the bridge. One person thinks he’s just a crazy dude doing crazy dude stuff, noting how there aren’t any police around, either.

However, the other seems a bit more sympathetic, saying he was most likely “just trying to cross the bridge.” There’s also a third person in the room and she can’t believe how this could even happen in the first place.

Finally, the drawbridge starts to fall. The man triumphantly pumps his fist in the air and the trio filming goes absolutely nuts. To top it all off, the last line of the video is, “Yo, we need to go hug him.”

This 57-second clip is, top to bottom, more intense than most action movies. And honestly, a lot more fun, too. It has action, heart, good characters, and a killer ending. Who do we call to get “Drawbridge Man” greenlit as a feature film?

Commenters celebrate him as the Spider-Man we need right now

People went crazy in the comments for this dude, calling him Spider-Man and wondering how he managed to stay put with the drawbridge, standing almost completely upright. “No one is gonna believe him,” one commenter wrote. “Had them grippy socks,” another person said.

However, others focused on the man’s supportive audience of onlookers. “I’m just gonna imagine someone is constantly watching me from a distance screaming ‘LET’S GOOO’ in support of everything I do from now on,” one comment read.

All of this just confirms what we already knew: there’s no place quite like Miami.