Screenshot via YouTube

It may be the year 2021 but, unfortunately, homophobia still runs rampant — and the Latinx community is no exception. This year, in celebration of Día de los Muertos, Doritos Mexico premiered an ad that celebrates the joy and freedom of coming out, even in the afterlife. 

In the new Doritos Mexico ad, aptly titled “It’s Never Too Late To Be Who You Are,” a ghost visits his family from the afterlife to come out as gay and introduce them to his partner. 

The ad is animated and reminiscent of Disney’s “Coco.” It begins with a family visiting a graveyard on Día de los Muertos to bring offerings to their loved ones who have passed on. When abuela places a bowl of Doritos on the ofrenda, she makes a comment about how much she misses her brother, Alberto. 

Like clockwork, Alberto appears as a ghostly calacas and greets his family. But before his family can say anything, another ghost appears behind Alberto and places his hands on his shoulders. It’s obvious from the body language of both ghosts that they’re more than just friends.

One of the family members asks, “Who is he?” and Alberto introduces the fellow ghost as “Mario, my partner.” 

At first, Alberto’s family is stunned in silence, and the tension is palpable. But after a beat, Mario’s sister, abuela, begins to clap, her face full of joy. “What a miracle,” she says. “I thought he was going to be alone forever.”

After that, Alberto’s family claps and laughs, happy that Alberto finally found love and freedom in the afterlife. The ad ends with Alberto and Mario embracing while his family smiles at them. As the screen goes black, the hashtag “#PrideAllYear” flashes on the screen. 

Although it may only be a Doritos commercial, the message behind the advertisement is both powerful and emotional. 

In the comments section on YouTube, viewers shared how touched they were along with similar stories of closeted loved ones who passed without finding peace in their identity.

“I had a cousin who was still in the closet when he died. I was the only one who knew he was gay because we trusted each other,” wrote one viewer.

“The fact that I know he is on the other side, possibly with his partner (who also died last year from COVID-19) makes me happy. I know he won’t come back alone.”

Another wrote: “I just came to gossip about the commercial, and I came out crying. What a beautiful message. Rest in peace to all those who could not love freely. At least we have the consolation that in the next life, they can.”