LA police arrested a man named Daniel J. McGuire last August for attacking a street vendor and demolishing his cart with an axe. Months later, the activist who made him famous offered his followers an update on McGuire’s life since the attack.

Edin Alex Enamorado, who fights for Latinos and street vendors all around Los Angeles, did not let sleeping dogs lie when it came to McGuire. In a recent TikTok, Enamorado recapped the encounter between McGuire and the street vendor he assaulted, Jonathan, before letting us know where McGuire is now.

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We were not done with Daniel J. Mcguirre!

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Enamorado didn’t hold back on Daniel McGuire

Initially, civil rights attorney Christian Contreras served McGuire a lawsuit during his preliminary hearing for the attack.

The hearing came after a protest outside of his house that ended with McGuire calling the police. However, when authorities arrived, they arrested McGuire instead, charging him with battery and felony assault. After Contreras got Jonathan a five-year restraining order, McGuire sold his house and moved to Michigan.

According to Enamorado, he then flew back to LA for his sentencing and ended up having to pay Jonathan back for all the equipment he destroyed, along with another vendor he attacked. Enamorado posted the video not only to update his followers but to warn anyone else thinking about pulling a stunt similar to McGuire’s.

“To anyone thinking of attacking a street vendor,” Enamorado said, “this is what we do.”

If you haven’t seen it, check out the original video:

Commenters love seeing McGuire brought to justice

Comment sections are blowing up over the new video, with people everywhere celebrating McGuire getting justice. On TikTok, many people thanked Enamorado for their dedication to protecting street vendors in LA.

“Thank you so much for all you do for our local street vendors. God bless you,” one commenter wrote. “I’ve never met a single street vendor for Las frutas, Aguas frescos, elotes, tamales or anything who was anything but kind, generous & hard working,” another wrote.

“Thank you guys for all you do for street vendors,” one commenter wrote in support of Enamorado’s efforts. “May the universe bless you and continue to give you the strength to fight for justice.”

One commenter, however, just wanted some information. “Where did he move to? Asking for a friend.”