Antonio Ramirez-Chavez is recovering after being attacked and robbed. The paletero was attacked by 3-4 men and was robbed of his day’s earnings. The Latino community across the country has come together to help the man recover and move forward.

A paletero in Denver was attacked for his day’s earnings: about $70.

The attack has stunned and angered the community. The rage spreads beyond Denver touching Latinos across the country who are saddened that a paletero was attacked. According to CBS Denver, the man didn’t want to report the crime at first for fear of his immigration status.

“Immigration has nothing to do with us,” Officer Mona Barraza told CBS Denver. “We’re here to help you whether you are a victim or you want to talk about something that’s important to you. Do not be afraid. Do not be afraid to talk to us.”

The attack is breaking people’s hearts.

People across the country are sending their love to Ramirez-Chavez as he recovers after the attack. According to CBS Denver, Officer Barraza said that the injuries sustained by Ramirez-Chavez were severe. One of his eyes was so swollen he could barely see out of it.

The Denver Channel confirmed that Ramirez-Chavez has several broken bones in his face from the attack.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the man recover financially.

The fundraiser has raised more than $54,000 for Ramirez-Chavez. According to the page, coworkers have set up the GoFundMe account to help the man with the financial recovery of the attack.

According to The Denver Channel, the suspects are still at large. However, the mayor and police department have promised to do everything they can to find the people behind the attack.

Our thoughts are with Ramirez-Chavez as he recovers from the attack.

Take care, señor. Know that there is a community behind you cheering you on.

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