Mother Paola Duran from Bogotá, Colombia asks for help to visit her daughter Hellen Pacheco in the U.S. after suffering a severe motorcycle accident on January 26.

21-year-old Pacheco is currently in “very critical” condition, with her mother explaining she is in a “deep” coma. While doctors informed Duran that “nothing can be done,” her last hope is obtaining a humanitarian visa to visit her daughter.

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Pacheco is in “critical” condition with cerebral edema

As per El País, Pacheco was taken to a hospital in Pompano, Florida after the tragic motorcycle accident. Now, Duran is taking to Instagram to ask for help in obtaining a humanitarian visa to visit her daughter there. The mother said the hospital sent her a letter explaining it is “urgent” for her to be beside Pacheco.

In the letter, doctors also detailed her daughter’s condition. Duran said her daughter arrived at the hospital with “two broken legs, affecting her tibia, femur, and fibula, lesions in her lungs, broken ribs, and most severely, cerebral edema.”

Heartbreakingly, doctors told her they “can’t do anything,” but the mother is still hopeful— “God has the last word.”

Four days ago, Duran said she contacted the embassy. She explained that she used the letter from the hospital to help her obtain a humanitarian visa as quickly as possible. At the time, she said she still had not heard back, but that she “urgently” needed to see her daughter. In clear, severe distress, Duran pleaded: “I’m desperate, I don’t know what to do.”

She said, “I need to… please… get to where my daughter is… I’m begging for my daughter’s life. Please.”

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Duran’s appointment to obtain her humanitarian visa is this week

In another video, Duran explained that her daughter is “in between life and death” after the motorcycle accident.

At this point, Duran has now submitted all documents necessary to the embassy and is hoping for the best. Meanwhile, Telemundo reports that the mother’s appointment to obtain a visa to enter the U.S. was first scheduled for June 2025. As per the outlet, Duran’s appointment was just changed to this week. Now, loved ones hope that officials approve her humanitarian visa so she can visit the hospital in the following days.

Duran told Telemundo that her daughter is in “terrible” condition, and that if the case becomes “more complicated,” nothing else can be done. For this reason, she hopes for the opportunity to be next to her in her time of need.

The mother also explained to the outlet that Pacheco bravely entered the U.S. last February to help her family in Colombia. Duran said, “she immigrated, she entered through the Mexican border, and she lived difficult times.”

Pacheco worked packaging items, and was finally able to send her family Christmas gifts this year.

While the hospital reportedly “urgently” requests Duran’s presence to be next to her daughter, the mother continues to wait.

Moreover, there’s no doubt the two have always had a deep-rooted mother-daughter relationship. Last year, Pacheco commented on her mother’s Instagram page, writing: “You’ve always been the walking stick in my journey, you inspire me to be strong and I deeply admire you… I love you and I miss you with all my heart, ma.”

While loved ones hope for the U.S. government to grant the visa request, Pacheco continues to be in everyone’s prayers.