As they say, life throws you curveballs sometimes — but for two podcasters, the curveball was in the shape of a large SUV.

Houston-based photographer Nathan Mack Reeves, also known as November Romeo, was recording an episode of his podcast at Tout Suite coffee shop alongside friend Alexsey Reyes. Throughout the hour-long episode (which was actually posted), the two talk about working in photography and influencing — but by minute 53:00, something inexplicable happens. A car that seemingly lost control crashed into the window right behind them.

The video shows how a Chevy Tahoe rams into the window behind them

As you can see in the YouTube video posted by Reeves, some of the final words said in the podcast before the crash were, “It’s so quiet in here.” You really can’t make this up. Seconds later, you can see in the video how a black Chevy Tahoe rams into the coffee shop’s window behind them. Thankfully, the SUV crashed into a few poles before hitting the window, surely minimizing the intensity of the crash. Still — the video shows how insane it was, and there’s no doubt the two men could have been severely injured either way.

You can also see in the video how the two podcasters yell after the accident, “Oh my God, what the f**k just happened?” and talk to police afterward.

The crash occurred at the Tout Suite by Commerce and Chartres Street in East Downtown Houston. Podcast invitee Reyes told ABC, “We were just talking to the camera, and the car smashes into our backs. I go into instant shock. I’m not sure what’s going on.”

Meanwhile, podcast creator Reeves told ABC: “It was kind of fight or flight, and I flew, I got out of there.” He also recalls immediately telling those in the café he got it on film. Reeves explained, “Everyone got a front-row seat, there was no one at the table with us, and they all saw what happened.”

Here’s what we know about the crash details

So what did happen? Well, as per Fox26, Houston Police Department states that a 38-year-old woman driving the Tahoe ran a red light. She crashed into a white Ford Escape, lost control, and ended up crashing into the café’s window.

Reeves explanation of the accident is similar: “You can see in the video, I think the black SUV runs a red light and another car, it like sideswipes it, and then it just decides to turn straight into us.”

Still, he thanks God that “everybody was okay,” knowing it “could’ve been way worse”— in fact, it seems like the many people inside the coffee shop were unharmed. He remembers how the table they were sitting at was “sealed into the ground,” so they would have been gravely injured if the car had kept going forward.

It seems like the podcasters were relatively fine after the incident— Reeves wrote on YouTube, “Thank God we are all okay,” but still advised, “Don’t run reds.” He also said the “episode definitely ended with a bang,” and… he’s not wrong.

Still, Reyes explained he went into “instant shock,” and had scratches with glass. He said, “I found shards on my arms and hair later.” This, of course, makes sense, especially after looking at the video.

While the two podcasters are happy to be alive and to continue pushing their creativity forward, there’s no doubt they’ll remember the terrifying crash forever. And just as Twitter user @fonzfranc described, we don’t think we would have been that calm either: