Friends and family of 21-year-old Anggy Diaz held a memorial service just days after authorities formally charged her husband, Jared Dicus, with murder after he stabbed her to death and then decapitated her. Those mourning Diaz say they are not focusing on how she died or the person responsible, according to KHOU 11.

Friends and family mourn Anggy Diaz

Instead, they want to remember the joy she brought those around her, thanks to her bright personality and smile. Diaz’s family honored her memory and talked about the way she touched the lives of everyone around her. Her aunt spoke at the service and called Diaz an “angel.”

Another one of Diaz’s aunts was grateful for the support she and her family received from Diaz’s friends and community. Her family believes they will see her in the next life and that their time apart is not a goodbye. Currently, the plan is to send Diaz’s remains back to her family in Nicaragua.

Diaz’s husband, Jared Dicus, officially charged with murder

Elsewhere, authorities officially charged and indicted her husband, Jared Dicus, with murder. Dicus offered a full confession before the District Attorney’s Office charged him last Friday. According to Sheriff Troy Guirdy, authorities recovered a murder weapon from the scene.

“Everything happened on the property. And all parts and pieces were recovered and submitted for evidence,” he said. Dicus stabbed Diaz to death in the bedroom of a second home behind the main property before cutting off her head and placing it in the shower.

According to ABC 13 in Houston, prosecutors are pursuing a higher bond for Dicus, currently set at $500,000. Prosecutors argue that, at just $500,000, they will not be able to “protect the community as a whole from his violent tendencies.”

Because Dicus’ father appeared on the scene, prosecutors also feel concerned with protecting “his own family members.” Altogether, prosecutors are requesting a $1 million bail for Dicus, double the current amount.

This isn’t Dicus’ first run-in with local authorities

Additionally, the article references a November incident in which local authorities charged Dicus with a DWI.

Police say Dicus displayed violent and aggressive behavior toward the arresting officers. He reportedly punched windows and exhibited erratic behavior, to the point that authorities put him in a restraint chair for the purposes of a blood warrant.

In Texas, a blood warrant allows authorities to forcibly test the blood of any suspect as they see fit. In this case, that meant testing Dicus’ blood for drugs and alcohol in relation to the DWI. Authorities also say they were familiar with Dicus and Diaz following a series of domestic violence calls to their home.

Diaz’s friends characterized Dicus as jealous and aggressive. Shortly before the murder, Dicus posted a video on social media where he said, “She is mine,” in reference to a suspected affair. “It was weird because no one was questioning that…it was out of nowhere,” an anonymous friend said.