Ana Albarran is feeling a “profound sense of relief” following her father Davie Albarran’s arrest on child sexual abuse charges. As Albarran explained to mitú, her father’s arrest is the “culmination of a 451-day TikTok campaign” she set up to help authorities find him while he was on the run. The daughter’s efforts led “America’s Most Wanted” to feature her father— eventually leading the police to his location.

“[The arrest] has brought about a profound sense of relief and vindication,” Albarran describes. “The relentless pursuit of his whereabouts… has finally yielded tangible results.”

The 33-year-old went viral on TikTok back in December 2022 for speaking out about her father allegedly being “that [creepy] uncle” in her family. She told her followers at the time, “‘That uncle’ is my dad. And I decided that he is no longer allowed to be that uncle.”

“So I called him out and now he is [Osceola County’s] Most Wanted for his crimes against kids,” she added. “The family only has the power of your silence.” Albarran also said at the time that “once [she] said something,” 21 other people came forward.


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Last year, while still working on her social media campaign to get her father arrested, Albarran told mitú: “It [all started] with me finding out that my father had done something to little girls… and was also on the run.” She then explained her tireless attempt to find him: “I actually went out to look for him because I know sometimes cases go cold when they can’t find the perpetrator. And I didn’t want that to happen in this case.”

Now that authorities have officially arrested Davie Albarran, his daughter sat down with us to share her “hope and anticipation” for future court proceedings.

Ana Albarran says the courage of her father’s alleged victims has been “a beacon of hope” for her

As reported by Law & Crime, police arrested Davie Albarran, 51, on February 18 in Lakeland, Florida on warrant for two counts of sexually battering a child. Fox News reports that authorities also accused Albarran of lewd conduct toward two children.

Osceola County issued Albarran’s arrest warrant back in December 2022, upon which he allegedly became a fugitive.

Polk County police, who reportedly found and arrested Albarran while he was living in his sister’s home, posted about their investigation on Facebook. “Davie Albarran made a huge mistake— of all the places to hide, he picked Polk County,” Polk County Sheriff’s Office wrote. “His own family has been helping law enforcement look for him.”

“Well, thanks to our deputies and K9 Kreed, we got him last night,” they added. Meanwhile, Ana Albarran thanked the police station in a comment: “Thank you for doing what others couldn’t.”

Osceola County Sheriff’s Office also posted about the news, writing, “We want to thank everyone involved… including the victims’ families whose persistence and perseverance aided in this arrest.”

According to Inside Edition, both Ana Albarran and her sister Yaneiry Albarran allege that their father has more than two dozen victims, including his granddaughter. As per the outlet, both the family’s efforts and Davie Albarran’s feature on “America’s Most Wanted” aided in his arrest.

Ana Albarran explained to mitú, “Each step taken towards accountability and restitution represents a triumph of justice.”

Saying she feels a “profound sense of empathy and solidarity” with her father’s alleged victims, she called their courage “a beacon of hope amidst the darkness.”

Meanwhile, Ana Albarran and her sister spoke to Daily Mail about the arrest. Yaneiry Albarran spoke about hearing that her own daughter was allegedly one of her father’s victims. “Once I found out that he hurt what was most precious to me, that was out the window.”

“I got a phone call from my older sister about my daughter,” she recalled. “She spoke out about being sexually abused by my father at a little girl’s sleepover, when another little girl also came forward.”

“I immediately went to confront my father,” she explained. “My father got into his other car and he drove off and he left.” She added, “I never saw him after that.”

Ana Albarran told the outlet that she hopes her father gets “the worst punishment possible.” She explained, “Just the trauma that he has left behind on these women is still visible on their [faces] today.” Both sisters said they believe their father should receive “the death penalty.”

“It [is] finally over, it [is] finally done. We finally get to go back to our normal lives,” Yaneiry Albarran said about finding out of her father’s arrest. “It [was] hard not knowing where he was. It is hard looking over your shoulder all the time, wondering if he’s out there or not.”

Ana Albarran told us that she hopes this moment marks “the beginning of a new chapter characterized by healing.”

If you would like to report a child abuse case, please visit the National Child Abuse Hotline.