A viral TikTok trend about “that uncle,” a label for any family member (particularly in Latino families), or friend that was “creepy” or sexually abusive, is gaining ground — showing how upsettingly common it is.

TikTok user Ana Albarran posted the trend herself, amassing nearly 7 million views for calling out her own father. She explains, “That uncle is my dad. And I decided that he is no longer allowed to be that uncle.” Today, she is fighting to have her father found and caught.

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Ana Albarran sat down with mitú to talk about her journey, bringing her father Davie Albarran to justice. Now Osceola County’s “Most Wanted,” Albarran is accused of sexual battery and lewd and lascivious molestation of two young girls. His fearless daughter is now using social media to break her silence, find justice, and heal.


#greenscreen We no longer have to have that Uncle!!!! They only have the power of our silence!! Once that’s done they are fucked #daviealbarran #familypedos #breakinggenerationalcurses #breakingcurses #fyp #wanted #protectchildren

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One woman’s story fighting to bring her father to justice

32-year-old Ana Albarran explained to mitú that her father is currently “on the run.” She will stop at nothing to get him found — she visited 46 hotels “from Orlando to Haines City” all in the hopes of him being arrested.

“It [all started] with me finding out that my father had done something to little girls… and was also on the run,” she says. “I actually went out to look for him because I know sometimes cases go cold when they can’t find the perpetrator. And I didn’t want that to happen in this case.”

After staking out at one same hotel all night, she realized this needed to be a team effort. At that point Albarran posted her father’s alleged crimes to Facebook, which went viral. Why? “I was like ‘If he doesn’t come forward, then I’m going to let everybody know what he did,'” she says.

She wrote, “This generational curse of protecting the family pedo ends with me… My father Davie Albarran is the family pedo.” Albarran shared a deeply powerful statement, explaining she was “done” with her family’s “sick ways.”

“I’m done with the women in my family fearing… they won’t be believed… it ends with us,” the statement read.

Then, more victims came forward

Albarran was “done with people being more worried about ruining his life” than the children’s. Soon enough, her post inspired others to be just as courageous. She immediately started “getting messages from people that were his victims when he was younger,” explaining her father allegedly started abusing at 18 years old (he is now 50).

A shocking amount of victims came forward to Albarran over direct messages — around 20 total. She says her reaction was “so digusted,” she “threw up for an entire week.”

Still, soon enough, Osceola’s Sheriff Department reported her father as “the most wanted in the county.”


‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ My father Davie Albarran is running from the police, he is wanted for the R’Pe and SA of Multiple children!!!!!! I found out around thanksgiving me and the world are looking for him!!! I’m done with family members knowing a man hurts kids and PROTECTING them, even if the man hurts there children! He is disgusting and a pig and he needs to rot in jail, please share share share and share #oseolacounty #daviealbarran #kissimmee #mostwanted

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Davie Albarran has not yet been arrested, but his daughter is not backing down. Once she learned about what he did, she remembers immediately wanting “to make sure no one leaves their kid around him” and refused to “sweep” it under the rug.

In one viral TikTok video, Albarran talks about how many families have “that uncle” who is inappropriate. However, in her life, “that uncle” was her dad. One thing most of those families have in common, though? “The power of your silence.”

She remembers people that wanted her to stay quiet about her father’s abuse, too. “The reason these men get to touch all of these girls is because when someone says something, everyone’s quiet. And then they’re free to do what they want.”

Moreover, this leads to children feeling “helpless,” which only perpetuates the traumatic cycle. Even when children speak out, many times, people tell them, “You’re lying” or “He would never do that.”

Albarran’s mother was also one of her father’s victims

Now, a “little bit more than half” of the 20 women who have come forward to her “want to go to court to pursue justice.” The other half “don’t want to relive it.” Shockingly enough, Albarran counts her own mother as one of her father’s victims.


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She explains, “My mother was technically his victim, she got pregnant with me when she was 13 and he was 17.”

As for Albarran herself, she remembers her father having “inappropriate conversations” with her. Because of that, she “knew that he was capable of molesting a child.”

There’s no doubt she will stop at nothing to break the generational curse, but the journey is still deeply difficult. Calling her father out in order for him to be caught is an awe-inspiring example of bravery, but it has also made her “feel heavier.”

The situation still feels “heavy” for her

Albarran told mitú, “I called my father out wanting to find him and then finding out everything… it was heavy because that’s my father.”

Heartbreakingly enough, she explains how “you want to be daddy’s princess, I think every woman wants a loving dad, but [I found out] that mine is a monster.”

Upon breaking the silence, she did not necessarily feel freedom — she just felt like her dad “is a very sick man.”

Going forward, she is still glad she spoke out, especially for her positive effect on others. Her viral TikTok posts show how “a lot of people” relate to her situation, showing “how much of a problem” child abuse really is.

Some people have tagged her in videos calling out their abuser, telling her she inspired them to do it. “I even had minors message me saying that I gave them the courage to say something to their parents.” She said all of that “makes it worth it,” but the situation is still a “heavy” burden she carries every day.

Albarran is now looking to help her father’s victims

The holiday season inspired the guerrera to set up a GoFundMe for her father’s victims and their mothers.

She explains, “I started a GoFundMe just to give them a good Christmas and to help them in any way… If I could help in any way anybody that has been hurt by my father, I want to do that.”

Many of us have had “that uncle” in some capacity, whether in the form of a family friend, cousin, or someone else. Albarran shared what anyone can do if going through a similar situation. Three words: “Call them out.” Explaining that “the perfect time” to call an abuser out is if there’s an “open case” to jump on, but you should call them out either way. “Tell people that [they] shouldn’t be around kids in general. Call out the people who would also help them.”

She advises, “This person is not safe to be around, these are the people that are protecting him. Keep your kid away from [them].”


#greenscreen My Father is currently the most wanted in America for his crimes against kids and this is how I feel you can protect the kids around you. #familypedos #daviealbarran #breakinggenerationalcurses #usingyourvoice #sa

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Today, Ana Albarran is looking forward to the day her father finally pays “the consequences for his actions.”

She believes it will be “healing,” once he is caught. “I feel like once he’s found I’ll be able to heal from the situation along with my family, because it’s very heavy on them as well.”

If you would like to report a child abuse case, please visit the National Child Abuse Hotline.