The OceanGate Titan submersible tragedy keeps making waves on the internet, igniting diverse narratives. Mexican YouTuber Alan Estrada, the first Mexican on the submarine, did not remain silent.

Estrada himself had the privilege of exploring the Titanic in 2022. The influencer shared his concern by highlighting how social media users easily accept what they read.

He went on Twitter, expressing to his 400K followers his dissatisfaction with how the information around the case is being handled.

“In the wake of the Titan incident, it’s amazing how lies and misinformation abound on the Internet and how readily people believe everything they read. Only the renowned and traditional media outlets have stayed true to the facts,” Estrada tweeted.

Estrada’s bold statement set Twitter abuzz, unveiling new perspectives

Alan Estrada’s opinion sparked a torrent of comments and fresh reflections.

Many agreed with him. Pointing out that the ability to buy blue verification marks on Twitter also contributes to the idea that anyone can be considered an honest and respectable source.

Others called for censuring traditional media as they “endoctrinate.”

Also, slamming mean jokes and memes.

However, others called attention to the importance of primary sources, such as Estrada’s.

While many are getting into the debate, others are more interested in the facts.

Others ask people to be more diligent about reviewing what they read online.

Estrada pointed to viral audio and videos on TikTok about the Titan that have sparked a deeper debate

Venting his frustration on TikTok, Alan Estrada exposed the circulating viral videos and audio that could potentially mislead viewers.

He emphatically declared that the clips with the implosion sounds and the member of the crew’s shoes were utterly false. 

He clarified they were all wearing socks, and no cameras were present to capture that moment.

“You can’t imagine the level of frustration and anger I feel witnessing so many videos deliberately spreading misinformation,” he began. “There simply cannot exist a video capturing the Titan from an external perspective due to the absence of a camera capable of recording from such a distance.”

Setting the record straight, he further explained, “Additionally, the implosion occurred too deep. Contrary to the misconception that the Titan emitted light toward the submersible, the emission was always outward.”


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Other people’s experiences on previous OceanGate explorations are also being evaluated

Videographer Jaden Pan, interviewed on BBC’s Travel Show about his Titan experience, shared a battery ran out during the voyage two hours after the descent began.

In response, OceanGate’s CEO, Stockton Rush, suggested to the five passengers to “sleep.”

“At first, I thought he was joking because we were over two hours into our expedition and so close to the bottom,” Pan explained.

“But then he explained that one of the batteries went caput, and we were having trouble using the electronic drops for the weights, so it would be hard for us to get back up to the surface,” he added.