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Like many dog owners, Aisha Nieves described her dog, Kovu as her best friend. “He was my baby. He would go with me everywhere. He would sleep in my bed,” she told WFMZ News. Naturally, she felt devastated when she lost Kovu. Nieves returned from work one day to find her backyard fence ruined from a car accident. Kovu escaped.

Devastated, Aisha Nieves searched everywhere for Kovu, including the local Lehigh County Humane Society (LCHS). But when she showed them a picture of Kovu, they told her it was already too late. Kovu had been adopted.

“I showed them a picture, and they’re like, ‘Oh, that’s Ash. He was just adopted not that long ago,'” Nieves explained.

Heartbroken, Aisha Nieves went on with her life. But still, Nieves felt like something in her life was missing. A full two years after she lost Kovu, Nieves decided to look into adopting a dog again. While she was scrolling through available dogs to adopt on the LCHS web page, a familiar dog caught her eye. Nieves knew immediately that the pit bull-Rottweiler mix was Kovu.

“He had a scar right over his right eye,” she explained to WFMZ. “It’s not that noticeable anymore, but in the picture they had, you could see it.” Aisha Nieves immediately went into action, submitting her proof of ownership to LCHS. Soon, she would reunited with her beloved Kovu.

But Aisha Nieves worried that her former dog wouldn’t recognize her. It had been more than two years since he’d seen her, after all.

Those worries soon dissipated as soon as Kovu laid eyes on her. It was immediately obvious that Kovu had been missing Aisha as much as Aisha had been missing him.

“We locked eyes and I seen his smile and he started wagging his tail,” Aisha Nieves said. “Soon as he started coming, he started squealing and screaming and yelling and jumping on me kissing.”

Thank goodness someone was on hand to film the reunion, because it is truly heartwarming. A humane society staff member leads the leashed pup out of the building.

As soon as he sees Nieves kneeling on the floor, he becomes ecstatic, jumping up and down, his tail wagging so hard it moves his entire body.

“Their reunion was undeniable and heartwarming to all who were there,” said LCHS community engagement manager Julie Huber to CNN. “The way that Kovu reacted and remembered [his] owner when he saw her made the reunion all the more memorable. It was a moment that gave you all the loving chills.”

And now, Aisha Nieves is excited to re-start her life with her best friend. “I love him so much,” she said. “I’m just so happy he’s back.”

The Lehigh County Humane Society told CNN that it encourages everyone to “tag, license or microchip their pets.”