A South Los Angeles taco vendor was physically attacked by a woman who also vandalized the stand, spit on the food and hurled insults. Police did not arrive on the scene until one hour later, leaving employees to fend for themselves.

As reported by CBS News, the attack took place at South Tacos Stand in Harvard Park, close to Normandie and Slauson Avenues. 

The alleged attacker, India Duerson, 30, ordered a burrito from the stand, but quickly became enraged. As stand employees explained to Fox 11, she returned to the stand claiming she did not like her burrito and wanted something else. However, she did not have the original burrito to exchange for a different item, and did not want to pay.

Duerson attacked and insulted vendor Bertha Zuniga for at least 15 minutes, but may have remained around the stand for longer. Videos spread on social media show Duerson becoming aggressive, proceeding to hit Zuniga on the head. Zuniga explained, “She was angry, she started following me then she hit me.”

The attacker can also be seen screaming insults, employee Juan Carlos Cervantes recalling, “I removed all the knives and everything that was dangerous, so she wouldn’t hurt my coworkers.”

Duerson also began to vandalize the taco stand, throwing out horchata, juice and food items. She then began to prepare her own plate, and later spit on the remaining food and ingredients. 

While the alleged attacker has now been arrested by Los Angeles police for robbery, and is being held on a $60,000 bond, the stand’s employees and owner are taken aback by the senseless act of violence. 

The stand’s owner Rogelio Lozano told Noticias Telemundo that they lost $4,000 that day because of the attack. He says he believes the woman was “drunk or on drugs” and that she was not coherent. 

He explained that the woman kept yelling insults and cursing, saying, “I’m very hungry” and “Give me my food.” Meanwhile, the vendor told the woman she could not give her food for free, leading to the attack.

Lozano also said that police took more than an hour to arrive on the scene. He revealed, “We called the police and they did not arrive… So we don’t understand if you should defend yourself or call the police.” He questioned, “Why does the police ask us to call them if they won’t respond?”

A GoFundMe page has since been set up to help Zuniga in the aftermath, who explains her neck is now sore, and she feels afraid. So far raising more than $8,000 with a $2,500 goal, those donating hope the money will help the vendor get back on her feet. 

Zuniga explained to KTLA that while terrified, she must continue her work at the stand out of necessity.