A child’s imagination is boundless and little princess enthusiasts often find themselves captivated by the magical world of Disney. One Latino father went above and beyond to bring joy to his daughter’s world, transforming her into one of these utterly adorable fictional characters.

Yahir Jiménez Rodríguez gained popularity on his TikTok account @murph_holbox, capturing the hearts of social media with an endearing video showcasing the moment he surprised his three-year-old daughter, Sophia.

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Following the trend of parents who travel to Disney to create a unique experience for their children by dressing up like princesses, this dad put his spin on it without leaving his home in Holbox, Mexico — and at a much lower cost.

In an interview with mitú, Jiménez shared that creating such surprises can be challenging on an island. However, the idea emerged after a discussion with his wife.

The little girl’s deep fascination for Disney princesses encouraged her dad to make her dream come true

Jiménez explained he got inspired by several clips of parents traveling for a majestic transformation day. He realized he lacked the money and a visa. Nevertheless, his creativity kicked in, leading to a heartwarming surprise for his daughter.


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“I faced the reality that few things were within my reach on my island. I asked her mom if we could do something like a Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at Magic Kingdom Park, and she told me it would be tough but not impossible,” he shares.

Jiménez filmed the video on a typical family Sunday. He gathered a few tables, a mirror, and some fantasy makeup. He planned to treat his daughter like a princess, just as his mother wanted.

“I also remember my mother telling me you do everything for your children, and my mother is no longer with us,” he says. “She always wanted a granddaughter, and well, I remembered that and gave her all the best I could.”

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars, the entire VIP experience at home came under $15

According to the website, the genuine Disney experience will set you back anywhere from $99.95 to $229.95, plus taxes, depending on your selected package. Without considering transportation and other expenses.

The proud dad disclosed he spent approximately 200 Mexican pesos, equivalent to around $12. He mentioned that the primary cost was treating his daughter to ice cream as a princess, which cost 160 Mexican pesos. The remaining 40 pesos would cover the nail paints.

“The dresses were about $70, but we don’t count it as an expense because we can use them for other occasions,” he said.


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For Jimenez, it was a surprise that evoked powerful emotions as he witnessed the widespread response to the video. Many people shared stories of not having a father who would do something like that for them.

People were moved by his touching gesture, praising the love he showed his daughter

Deeply moved by the heartfelt gesture of this father, social media users find themselves unable to hold back tears as they share their own experiences with their fathers.

On TikTok, an outpouring of support flooded in for the adorable family, with many users rallying to turn their dream into a reality.

“Someone help them go to Disneyland, please,” commented one person. Another one added: “Let’s make it happen, everyone.”

Many admitted having childhood traumas and showed admiration for the Mexican dad.

“The way I cried in daddy issues,” said a user. Meanwhile, some found comfort through humor to lighten the mood: “Lucky little princess. Let me go and cry in daddy issues language now.”

Another longed for her own father to have this kind of gesture. “And then I realized how much I wanted a father present,” they wrote.

“You will not have a visa or money, but you will have a great love for your daughter,” commented a person.

Amidst the emotional exchanges, some individuals reveal childhood traumas, expressing admiration for the devoted dad.

“I would have wanted a dad like that,” said one person. “You are a great dad. Sophia is fortunate.”