If you’re all about family, culture, and a good time (and who isn’t?), then we’ve got the perfect adventure for you. Plaza de la Familia in Disney California Adventure® Park is A Musical Celebration of Disney and Pixar’s Coco that celebrates the vibrant traditions of Día De Los Muertos. And, as if that wasn’t cool enough, we’ve partnered with Disneyland Resort to take your family along for the ride. Are you ready to make some unforgettable memories?

Kids can ask bold and sometimes embarrassing questions. If you haven’t had a trágame tierra moment yet, considérate afortunada. If you have, it may be that time to address cultural bias with your child y ahórrarte las miradas en público. 

Exposure to different cultures from a young age can widen their perspective on the world, helping them navigate it while saving you la pena.

Teaching children about cultural diversity can sometimes be challenging, but turning it into a fun, personal experience can build lasting memories. 

At California Adventure® Park, you can create magical family memories, teach the little ones, and give them an unforgettable time. 

Here are nine reasons Disney California’s Plaza de la Familia, to be held on September 1 and 2, 2023, is a tribute to Día de los Muertos and the perfect place to introduce kids to an immersive cultural experience.

Their Musical Celebration of Disney and Pixar’s Coco está de película

Crea momentos especiales con los pequeñitos as they dance and sing along with Disney and Pixar Coco’s Miguel and the storytellers of the Plaza. This interactive, dynamic experience is guaranteed to keep your kids entertained. Even your tío will be saying “ñoo, que paqueté” y “de película.” Well, that is because the spectacular number is straight out of Disney and Pixar’s Coco.

As an added bonus, it can help them understand the culture and offer an opportunity to celebrate it as they join in on a heartwarming tale. Disney and Pixar’s Coco comes to life at Plaza de la Familia — an immersive celebration of the everlasting bonds of family.. That’s because the story of “Coco” encourages you to find yourself, appreciate your roots, and, most importantly, follow your heart.

Even the comadre will envy your meet-and-greet photos

Let’s face it, you may be in the phase where a cartoon character has more clout with your child than you do. You know the one; acting like they go way back. Addressing a challenging lesson with a bit of help from a magical friend who, honestly, has been through it himself, is not the worst idea. 

Miguel can help you teach los pequeñitos about culture’s importance, diversity, and beauty. We won’t judge you for letting Miguel do some of the heavy lifting. Let’s just say it’s included in the price of admission to the park.

Teach the little ones about culture and capture enough photos with the cast of Disney and Pixar’s Coco to send to everyone back home. An immersive cultural experience awaits your little ones at Plaza de la Familia.

¡Un aplauso para los mariachis!

The entire family can sing and dance along to lively Mariachi concerts in the heartfelt celebration performed on the Paradise Garden bandstand. The whole family will dance and drop the extra pounds we took from Paradise Garden Grill. 

Los pequeñitos can learn about the guitar, Mariachi costumes, and other staple elements of Mexico’s regional music. The stirring experience will enlighten, entertain, and help them release some much-needed energy. 

Explore your culture with los sabores de tu tierra

Food is a dynamic and delicious way to learn about culture. Devour home-style dishes after a day of exploring the park. Paradise Garden Grill has something mouth-watering for the entire family. 

Whether someone in your party is vegan, a meat lover, allergy sensitive, or a picky eater, the grill has a home-cooked option to satisfy every Mexican craving — and even some fun twists. 

Lo mejor es que los precios no te vaciarán los bolsillos.

Eternal moments en el Árbol de la Vida

Visit the iconic Mexican Árbol de la Vida (Tree of Life) to experience the vibrant and breathtaking installation yourself. Para que no digan que no fuiste, capture joyous moments in front of the captivating, bright flowers seen in traditional ofrendas on the Day of the Dead. We promise the whole family will be lining up for her big Instagram debut. Say cheese!

Celebrate your ancestors and your culture with Memory Wall

Día de los Muertos is an opportunity in Mexican culture to celebrate and honor loved ones who are no longer with us but remain so in spirit. Teach los pequeñitos that even if we may have our differences, nothing is more important than family. Si, hasta tu suegra. 

Strengthen family bonds and teach little ones about their ancestors as you honor a loved one who has passed but lives on in your hearts. Together you can write a remembrance note to add to the Recuérdame mural to honor those who will forever be a part of your family. 

Win Día de los Muertos on Instagram

Paradise Garden brings the magic to life with photo-worthy opportunities and decorations inspired by Día de los Muertos. Your little ones will be in awe of the colorful Mexican catrinas, bright sights, and festive sounds. Ponte el sombrero and strike your best pose with the festive trio of mariachi skeletons known as calacas.

Como diría tu tía, there are people from all over the world

Experiencing diversity firsthand can open your children’s eyes to cultural differences and help them develop a personal sense of identity. 

International visitors account for about 20% of total attendance at California Adventure® Park. The park, located in Anaheim, California, attracts international visitors from Asia, particularly Japan, China, and South Korea, due to its west-coast location.

Explore your culture with alebrije masks

Arts is an engaging way to discover new cultures and help children develop their sense of expression and individuality. The whole family can design their own paper alebrije masks inspired by Dante and Pepita, spirit guides from Disney and Pixar’s Coco, and partake in the learning experience. 

Discover the magic of Mexican culture with your family at Plaza de la Familia in Disney, California, from September 1 to November 2, 2023.