As you may already know, Amber Heard became the talk of the press last year for her long-running court battle against her ex-husband Johnny Depp.

In fact, the story was so popular in the media that now even Netflix has released a documentary about it.

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After the defamation trial against the actress and with both parties alleging abuse, many are still completely divided about what really went on between the famous ex-couple. Still, we thought we would take a step back from all of that — and we discovered something about Heard that has us feeling absolutely shook

Amber Heard’s hidden talent

Heard, 36, once described her upbringing in Austin, Texas, as  “conservative” and “God-fearin’”; competing in beauty pageants, hunting, and fishing. Having a stereotypical “all-American” label throughout much of her Hollywood career, even her most devoted fans are shocked at recently uncovered footage of the actress speaking perfect Spanish.

In a video that compiles several of Heard’s Spanish interviews, you can see the actress take on the language with full force — and with a perfect accent. 

For one, over on “Un Nuevo Día,” you can hear the actress say phrases like “la mera mera” and “dale pues,” explaining that she speaks Spanish almost with a native tongue, having grown up in Texas “right next to Mexico.” She says people in places like California and Texas “should” speak Spanish no matter where they’re from.

In another interview, Heard talks about growing up in Texas with “a lot of Latinos,” which taught her how to speak Spanish so well. Other clips show the actress speaking in Spanish as she describes prepping for her role in “Aquaman” and gives details about the film. At some points, her accent is scary good — and we’re over here scratching our heads because how did we not know this?!

At one point, she also describes actor Jason Momoa as “un niño que está enorme” and “es súper buena gente,” so there’s that!

This story was originally published in May 2022.