For a lot of fans, the best thing about the World Cup is the unity. People from all walks of life can congregate and enjoy the competition together. Even if their preferred team faces elimination, there’s always another one happy to accept new fans. The “Where’s Messi?” guy just became one of those people.

“Where’s Messi?” sets the tone for the 2022 World Cup

It was early on that “Where’s Messi?” took the world by storm, following a shocking loss against the team from Saudi Arabia. The fan in question approached a reporter asking the now-infamous question over and over. Riding high from the win, the video became emblematic of a World Cup that promised to be full of surprises.

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Argentina would, of course, go on to make it to the World Cup finals, but there was one moment there where the possibilities felt endless.

If Saudia Arabia could beat Argentina, who else could beat a top team like Brazil or France? While some of this year’s big names did find themselves leaving the competition prematurely, ultimately it was a pair of Goliaths, Argentina and France, who would make it to the final match.

Still, the “Where’s Messi?” guy, in some strange way, became the voice of the victorious underdog.

When it comes to the finals, you still have to pick a side…

There’s nothing wrong with rooting for the underdog, but there comes a time when you do have to pick a side in anticipation of the World Cup finals.

And that’s exactly what the “Where’s Messi?” guy is doing. Against all odds, it seems like he’ll be supporting Argentina in the finals after making a mockery of football’s biggest star on an international stage.

In a new interview, the “Where’s Messi?” guy had an opportunity to acknowledge how iconic the question has become over the last few weeks. However, he also pledged his fealty to Argentina in the finals. “Today, I’m[…]supporting Argentina because I promised my friends from Argentina if you reach the finals, I will support you,” he said.

He hasn’t completely turned his back on Saudi Arabia, but it seems like he’d rather see Argentina take home the trophy in their match against France. It makes sense, too. After their victory in 2018, a consecutive World Cup win would be a bit of a tragedy.

To make matters worse, Messi’s entire reputation is on the line this year. If he doesn’t help his country take home the victory, the Argentine people will never forgive him for it.