Traditionally speaking, quinceañeras represent a young girl’s transition into womanhood. More importantly, however, they give us an excuse to throw an all-out rager of a fiesta — our love language.

On the big day, the quinceañera in question puts on her chosen princess ball gown, poses for a zillion photos, and often, performs a choreographed dance with her court, made up of damas and chambelanes.

Typically, it’s a sweet, safe, Latin-inspired dance and on the slower side. But some quinceañeras like to walk on the wild side. A TikTok video of a choreographed quinceañera dance has gone viral, and it’s clear why: these teenagers are absolutely slaying the dance floor.

Opting for “Crazy in Love” by Beyonce, the quinceañera and her all-male ensemble put on a show that makes us scratch our heads and wonder, “Are they professionals?”

Apparently, this happens when you give it your all during rehearsals

A caption over the video playfully reads, “Esto pasa cuando le hechas ganas a los ensayos.” Echar ganas they did, as the dancers all seemed to be in perfect sync, hitting every move with sharpness and finesse.

The chambelanes dance around the quinceañera, keeping her in the spotlight, as she hops and twirls in her stunning blue and pink dress, a pair of white sneakers peaking through.

At one point, they lift her up by the arms and bring her to the front of the stage, eliciting hoots and hollers from the audience. The dance group maintains perfect timing and momentum throughout, ending on a mic drop moment as the song cuts out. We love the drama!

As it turns out, they are, in fact, professionals

If you’re like the rest of us, you’re watching this video and thinking, “They’re so good! How come I can’t dance like that?!” Well, try not to beat yourself up too much because it’s their job to be that good. That’s right, this dance was performed by a hired cast of chambelanes. Phew — that’s a relief.

The user who posted the TikTok, @fernando_g.m, belongs to Inter Dance Vals based in Puebla, Mexico. Their social media page features videos of past performances, each offering a little somethin’ different.

On their Instagram, there’s a video of the group dancing alongside another quinceañera in a gorgeous emerald green gown to the soft romantic stylings of Ariana Grande’s “Moonlight.” It’s a totally different vibe from the viral Beyonce dance, but we can’t take our eyes away from the fairytale that is unfolding.

There’s no shame in hiring your chambelanes

Just like us, the users in the comment section of the viral TikTok video had questions about how talented the dancers were. Some enjoyed the performance and thought nothing of it, with one user commenting, “Now those are some real friends right there.”

Other were a bit more skeptical, with one user writing, “When you rent real dancers cuz los primos no se mueven.” Those of us with men in our family that have no rhythm feel this in our souls. Another user wrote, “Esto pasa cuando contratas a los chambelanes en una academia de baile.” Si… y que?!

Regardless of their status as professionals, they absolutely killed it. And let’s not forget one key fact: the quinceañera is not a professional dancer and she killed it, too, when most of us could never.