Some of us will have a lot of time on our hands for a little while. It might be annoying to be cooped up in your apartments but you can still make the most of it. Now could be a cool and fun time to pick up a new hobby. There are a lot of hobbies out there so here are a few that we think could be really cool to start.

Kinetic Sand

Kinetic sand is a project the whole family can get into. We have all seen the ASMR videos about kinetic sand and this tutorial will teach you how to make your own. It seems easy enough so why not, right?

Karina Garcia, the woman behind the video, has been showing people how to make some of their favorite childhood, slime-based toys. Not only does it look like a lot of fun, but Garcia has also been able to create an empire because of her love. This is what making money from your passion looks like.


This Mexican abuela is bringing her recipes from her rancho in Mexico to your apartment. Eating these dishes are like eating abuela’s cooking. Nothing is more comforting than abuela’s cooking and we love to experience that comfort right now.

Not to mention that this abuela’s YouTube channel is a hit. The videos of rancho-inspired food have been viewed millions of times by people around the world.


Making things is a lot easier than we might think. There are certain crafts we can all do that don’t take too much time and can be useful. The Craft Chica is one YouTuber who is ready to teach you everything you need to know about crafting. Her videos cover an array of topics, including jewelry. Might as well create some new pieces for all of your post-quarantine plans.


There are so many beauty bloggers on the Internet and they all manage to be different. Maybe they can teach you a new way to add extensions to your hair. Perhaps you need someone to teach you a better way to contour your cheeks. YouTube has them all in one place. You never have to wonder how you do anything ever again. If you have ever been interested in changing your look or trying something new, now is the time. Who is going to know?


You’re going to want to have some fun when this is all over. Or maybe you really need to destroy something right now to ease some stress. Whatever the case, there are so many videos to show you all of the different ways to make a piñata for the whole family to enjoy.

Now, get to work and see if any of these are things you might like. Or, do nothing. That is perfectly okay.

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