Post-game press conferences are an odd part of the sports world. For the most part, they go over as planned. However, the reporters in attendance sometimes get an unexpected or otherwise uncomfortable response from whoever they’re interviewing.

Tuca Ferretti, manager of the Tigres football team from 2010 to 2021, is notorious for creating these kinds of moments.

When Tuca Ferretti says “ladies first,” he means it

The most popular of his outbursts happened in 2016, when he stormed out of a press conference after getting some pushback from a journalist trying to ask him a question. Just moments after walking out and sitting down to answer questions, Ferretti stormed out in a blind rage.

Normally, Ferretti allows female journalists to ask a question first. However, when a male journalist asked him why he insists on doing things that way, Ferretti’s response quickly went from stern to enraged. “In your house, you make the rules. In my house I make the rules,” he said at first.

He reiterates his point, getting angrier with each passing word. After a long pause, he says this is the way he’s been doing it for years. Then, screaming at the top of his lungs, he tells the journalist he has no right to tell him how to do things.

When the journalist tries to respond, Ferretti screams, “Shut the F*** up!” and storms out while saying he’ll come back when the journalist shuts his mouth. Ferretti did, however, return to the press conference after a few minutes.

It wasn’t just the press conference that made him angry

It’s worth pointing out, Ferretti wasn’t just mad about the question. In fact, he was a lot angrier about what happened right before he heard the question. His team, Tigres, lost after a dead heat match against Monterrey. On top of that, Ferretti thought the whole thing was completely unfair.

At the time, Tigres were competing in the Liga MX quarterfinals against Monterrey. The opposing team threw Tigres for a loop, leading 3-1 in the first half of the match. However, Tigres made a comeback in the second half, tying the game at 3-3.

Things took a turn for the worse when a referee threw a yellow card at Tigres defender Juninho. Ferretti immediately accused the referee of corruption and mockingly waved his wallet toward him. The refs then banned Ferretti from the field. Just minutes later, Monterrey scored and moved on to the semifinals.

Ferretti is notorious for drumming up press conference controversy

In 2021, Ferretti faced more controversy when he made comments that reporters received as homophobic and sexist. At the end of the regular season, his first with FC Juarez, Ferretti participated in yet another controversial press conference, first asking if there were any viejas in the crowd.

When nobody raised their hands, he then asked if there were any gay men in the crowd, using a homophobic slur. When nobody responded to that, he then said, “We have all machos here,” with the crowd laughing at his comments.

However, he immediately faced backlash from the football community, calling for his suspension or permanent firing from the league. Arriving in the midst of FIFA’s efforts to reduce and erase homophobia in the league, fans and commentators rushed to condemn his remarks.