As true Ross fans know, the retailer is probably the most random, surreal, sometimes-magical place in existence. Sure, Ross can sometimes be messy and you may find clothes with cat hair on them… but then you can also find the most delicious makeup products, designer brands, epic homeware, and oh — the candles. The candles.

We know Ross can go from amazing to questionable real quick. Well, one TikTok user made a hilarious video about all the unnecessary celebrity endorsements they found in the store — and prepare to roll on the floor laughing.

Ever wanted Ellen DeGeneres “doggy pee-pee pads”? Or are you more of a Mario Lopez spoons person?

Either way, Ross has got you.

A TikTok user filmed all the hilariously random celeb endorsements in Ross right now

TikTok user @ryandandelion made our day by featuring all the questionable celebrity products in Ross. You may know this well — who hasn’t seen a Sofia Vergara mixing bowl or pillow insert out in the wild? But this TikToker’s finds are next-level… and we can’t stop laughing:

As you can see, the user starts by pointing out “Ellen DeGeneres doggy pee-pee pads.” Not feeling them? Well, your pup can always use some handy-dandy Mario Lopez-branded “doggy pee-pee poo-poo pads.” Perfect!

Passing some bottles of Juicy Couture hand sanitizer (we would buy), the TikToker then finds his pièce de résistance: “What about a Mario Lopez can opener?” If not, why not add a “Mario Lopez spoon” to your cart?

Other finds we can’t stop laughing at? An Ellen DeGeneres lemon squeezer with the word “love” on it, some of her homeware line’s bag clips, and yes… she also has a can opener with her face on the packaging. Just what we needed.

Extra points if you can find the Jessica Simpson scalp massager at your local Ross!

Apart from the hilarious celeb brand deals, the TikToker also found tons of quite-random, 2000s-era Ed Hardy merchandise, including razors and nail clippers. Our personal favorite, though? The Ed Hardy loofah, of course.

When in doubt, always take the Frosted Flakes wallet over the ramen-printed one.

And yes, when it comes to celebrity brand deals at any store, this TikTok video encapsulates so many of them. Does multimillionaire Ellen DeGeneres use a can-opener, lemon squeezer, or bag clips? Well, we’ll just try to believe she does:

No matter your opinion on celeb brand deals, though, we have to admit these Ross finds are very epic.

Over on social media, people can’t stop talking about the Ross shopping experience

Celebrity endorsements aside, shopping at Ross is an experience that isn’t for the weak. Did you just add 11 near-identical water bottles to your cart? Well, good job trying to pick one:

We love a good Target run, too, but it just doesn’t hit the same as Ross. Don’t @ us:

Us? We’ll take a “good deal” any day of the week… especially if that deal is a pair of Doc Martens boots:

Over on TikTok, tons of users have made hilarious videos about what it’s really like to shop at Ross, and let’s just say we feel seen. Exhibit A? TikToker Angel Jimenez showing how many t-shirts at the retailer have words on them. A “Drip” t-shirt is fine, but what happens if you just want a plain one?

Meanwhile, @los_carnales_flores made a hilarious skit about shopping at Ross with your mom. In fact, the video is making us question if all actually had the same mom who never could accomplish a 20-minute shopping trip. Five… hours… later:

Okay, so Latina moms all love staying hours in Ross— and when they’re done, it’s time for Burlington:

One thing we have to admit, though? Ross really does have some incredible finds:


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