On Sunday, a jaw-dropping number of Argentine Spider-Man fans gathered around Buenos Aires’ Obelisco monument dressed as their favorite superhero. While outlets report anywhere from 1,000 to up to 3,000 people at the event, one thing is for sure: it welcomed all of us into the Spider-Verse.

Is your “Spidey Sense” tingling or is it just this photo giving us all goosebumps?

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As reported by Reuters, the people gathered at the Obelisco monument on Sunday aimed to break a Guinness World Record. Which record, you may ask? Fittingly, the largest gathering of people dressed as Spider-Man in history.

At least 1,000 people gathered together in their Spider-Man-themed Sunday best, reportedly brought together by an Argentine influencer named Uki Deane.

On October 19, Deane took to Instagram to post a flyer announcing Sunday’s event. He wrote, “I am looking to break the world record for the world’s biggest Spider-Man gathering.”

“The idea is to bring together more than 1,000 people dressed up as Spider-Man,” he described. “Malaysia has the current record, with 685 people.”

At the time, he told his followers that “everyone was invited,” including “men, women, and children.” Some even brought their dogs dressed up as Spider-Man… and exactly zero of us are complaining. What a cute little Spidey!

Here’s everything to know about the epic Spider-Man gathering aiming for the world record— and how people are reacting to the news.

Some say “more than 3,000” Spider-Man cosplayers gathered at Buenos Aires’ Obelisco

As shown in stunning photos of the event, thousands of Spider-Man cosplayers dressed up as the superhero, including masks, full-bodysuits, and Spidey-themed clothing. Meanwhile, some paired their costumes with the Argentine flag, Boca Juniors jerseys, or wore celeste blue and white to show their patriotism, too:

At the gathering, Deane told reporters, “It’s crazy what Spider-Man causes, it gives me enormous joy.” In fact, one man at the event told Reuters: “I’m very shy and the mask gives me a lot of freedom to have my say and express myself.”

Some especially epic photos show some attendees recreating the viral Spider-Man meme, which shows three identical Spider-Men pointing at each other in a circle. Yes, we are officially in the real-life Spider-Verse, and also feel like we’re in the wholesome version of “Black Mirror”:

While it seems like Argentina broke Malaysia’s record of 685 Spider-Man cosplayers in one place, Guinness World Records has not yet commented on the event. And as many outlets estimate the number of attendees at 1,000 to 2,000, it might have been even more than that.

Organizer Deane wrote on Instagram after the action-packed gathering, “Infinite thanks. What crazy beautiful people, all of you! Today, we broke a world record, Spider-Men! We were more than 3,000 people at one moment.”

Still, it seems like they received fewer signatures than 3,000 because “they didn’t have enough hands to get everyone to sign.”

Describing the event, the organizer continued, “You were respectful, organized, amazing, and I want to thank you for sharing such a beautiful moment with me.” Even more, Deane noted how the gathering also benefited a community soup kitchen named Margarita Barrientos. “Thanks to this, we achieved filling up a truck full of non-perishable foods that we donated.”

Meanwhile, people continue to react to news of the likely record-breaking event. One X user wrote, “I love you so much, Argentina. This country is like a movie, and the thousands of Spider-Men.”

Other Argentines are applauding their Spider-Man-themed record-breaking abilities just as much as their fútbol prowess:

While many others are commenting on the sheer randomness of some of the event’s photos. Case in point? Two (adorable!) Spider-Man cosplayers kissing in a little nook. As one person joked, “Argentina: don’t try to understand it, enjoy it.”

Another fan wrote on X that the resulting photo is “one of [their] favorite images of Spider-Man that’s ever existed.”

Meanwhile, others are pretty sad they weren’t there to witness the Spidey-themed event, and… we relate: