Extra, extra read all about it: La Selección Mexicana de Béisbol just announced their new uniforms for this year’s World Baseball Classic, and all we can think of is México De Mi Sangre. That, and we want a jersey in every color now.

Everything to know about Mexico’s national baseball team’s new uniforms

Mexico’s national baseball team took to Instagram to post the new uniforms, which include three different jerseys and three different-colored hats. Captioning the post with the very-fitting “#MéxicoDeMiSangre 🇲🇽⚾😍,” it’s no wonder one fan reacted: “Shut up and take my money.” Same, same.

The new uniforms are brought to us by New Era Mexico, who also posted photos on their IG. As explained by Hypebeast Latin America, La Selección Mexicana de Béisbol will use the new uniforms at this year’s World Baseball Classic, which will run from March 7 to 21 in the U.S., Japan, and Taiwan.

In fact, this year’s uniform unveiling is history-making— it’s the team’s first time playing with three different uniforms. Two of the jerseys highlight the Mexican flag colors: one is white with green and red detailing, and another is red with green. Meanwhile, the “alternative” jersey is white, rosa mexicano, and sky blue. We want them all!

The team is set to “make history”

La Selección Mexicana de Béisbol is set to bring everything they have to the World Baseball Classic, and we can’t wait. Ranked #5 in the world by the WBSC, the national team is in the same group as Colombia, the U.S., Canada, and Great Britain.

At the official uniform unveiling in Mexico City, the team’s general manager Rodrigo López spoke about their excitement. “The team we have today can compete face-to-face with anyone… I want to make history with this team.”

Lopez said, “We’ve always waited and wished for these uniforms.”

Meanwhile, the team’s new 59FIFTY hats bring out the colors of the jerseys, and have their signature “M” front-and-center. Plus, the hats also include the Mexican flag on the right, and WBC’s logo on the back. As one fan wrote on IG: “I’m so happy you went back to the traditional ‘M,’ please keep it 🙏🇲🇽.”

Another IG user agreed, “Viva México 🇲🇽💚 I love the green cap with red 🔥👏🏼.”

So where to get them? The entire official collection is available at New Era México, but it only ships within Mexico. Meanwhile, New Era U.S. currently sells the Mexico 2023 World Baseball Classic cap in green and red.