Few clowns have reached the fame and love that Cepillín enjoyed. For decades, the Mexican clown became a fixture in our families and special days. Cepillín died March 8 at 75.

Cepillín is and will always be a legend.

Ricardo González Gutiérrez, affectionately known as Cepillín, died March 8 after battling spinal cancer. The news sent grief waves throughout his fandom across the world. For generations, He entertained children with music, television shows, and movies.

His first show, “El Show de Cepillín” premiered in 1977 and brought educational television mixed with comedy and music to children. Aired on Televisa, This shows was aired in 18 countries and made him the most popular clown in Latin America.

He recorded several albums of children’s songs.


He had 11 albums go gold with more than 25 million copies of his albums sold around the world. He will remain in integral part in Latino families around the world. His version of “Las Mañanitas” is a staple at many households when a child, or even adult, celebrates a birthday.

There was a public funeral for him to give family, friends, and fans a chance to bid him farewell for the last time.

Fans are mourning Cepillín’s death and celebrating his life and art.

Cepillín helped some of our favorites get their big breaks into the entertainment industry. Salma Hayek and Yuri were both given a chance to be the entertainers they were meant to be because of him. The pair acted together in the theatrical rendition of “Aladdin” where Hayek played Jasmine.

There is no one that will be able to replace him. The man created a legacy of fun and love that transcended generations. We miss you greatly, Cepillín. Descansa en paz!

Here is Cepillín world-famous “Las Mañanitas” to listen to in honor of Cepillín.

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