Some people can’t wait for the holidays. Others are looking forward to dusting off their New Year’s resolution lists because, hey, if at first you don’t succeed, try try try again in the new year. However, if you’re like some of us in the office, you’re desperately in need of some fresh air and scenery to remind ourselves that family members are more than just bathroom hogging roommates. Thankfully, Oregon is full of things for the whole family to enjoy together. Mitu has partnered with Travel Oregon to highlight a bit of fun for every family member from Abuela to el niño who hasn’t been seen since he received his Playstation 5 last Christmas. Dale!  


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If you’re looking for a relaxing way to indulge during the holidays, look no further than the beautiful winterland views of Oregon. Less than two hours away from Portland, families of all sizes can take a charming excursion on Mt Hood’s Annual Christmas Train. Complete with holiday characters, storytelling and a trip to the magical Christmas Town, the train is perfect for enjoying the spirit of the holidays all from the comfort of a train car. Don’t forget to indulge in some hot cocoa and cookies before stepping off.

Looking for a bit of peace and quiet to recharge in light of all that’s been going on? Pues look no further than El Grotto in Portland, Oregon. Spanning over 62 acres, El Grotto is home to some of the most beautiful botanical gardens, art galleries, and trails in the state. No matter your faith, El Grotto is sure to bring a sense of spiritual calm to ease the stresses of everyday life. And if your Abuela is like ours, the scheduled outdoor masses are sure to make her rejoice, especially on vacation. 


OK. Much needed R&R for the hard workers in our family? Covered! For our high spirited family members who laugh in the face of the unknown, Oregon’s Mt Hood National Forest is an absolute go to! Housing the tallest mountain- and potentially dormant volcano Mt Hood, the area provides a thrilling adventure for the bold and the courageous. Adrenaline inducing mountain top skiing and snowboarding? Check. Overnight wilderness trails that showcase the star filled skies? Check. Cosmic tubing complete with music and 600,000 LED light show experience? Beyond Check! If you like to ease into adventure, check out the family friendly snowshoe guided tour at Mt Hood Adventure or rent gear for the family and enjoy an entire day of snow play. Whatever your vibe is, Mt Hood is filled with sights and adventures for the entire family to enjoy.

Ya Comida! 

Pero, Mitu! Sobre la comida, que?! No te preocupes, we saved lo más sabroso for last. Jumping right into it, if you’re in the mood for something fresh out of the ports of Oregon, look no further than the delicious Dungeness crab served at Tony’s Fish Market in Oregon City. You haven’t tasted crab until you tasted the sweet and tender meat of the crab that Oregon is internationally known for. 

Bringing it back to Portland, you have to try out the Portland Mercado before leaving town. A diverse mix of over 15 latin owned food cards and restaurants, Mercado is the latino hub of Oregon. Whether it be the delicioso Guatemalan Mocha with Cardamom freshly ground on top from Sandino’s Brothers or the pure decadence found in every bite of La Arepa’s signature Venezuelan cuisine, Portland Mercado is a can’t miss food destination for your tastebuds.

When you’ve had your fill of Oregon’s yummiest attractions, be sure to take the family to enjoy the arts at Milagro Theatre. Milagro is home to a heavy slate of world class bilingual productions, showcasing the great diversity Oregon has to offer in the cultural arts space.

It’s time we finally get the vacation that we’ve been waiting for! Whether it’s adventure, tastes, or just pure relaxation, Oregon is THE place to bring the family to re-enjoy time spent together. Esperate! You’re still here? Use these tips to get a jump start on your travel itinerary for the New Year. We’ll pack a bag and wait for our invitation!