A TikTok from The Salguero Family account is a viral sensation thanks to Osita, the family’s little Bolognese dog that responds to commands in Spanish, eats Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, and even dances along with her owners. One video, in particular, shows one of the family members proving, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Osita is Latina.


She dances better than I do 🥲 LMAO Follow is on INSTA 🙂 #latinodog #fyp #hotcheetogirl

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Osita is, all things considered, a Latina dog

In one of the family’s more popular videos, Osita responds to a number of commands in Spanish, including sit and shake. However, Osita’s not done. Next, we find out that Osita’s favorite word is, of course, comer. When she hears her owner saying it, she comes running.

Still, Osita’s owners saved the best for last. Because not only does Osita love to dance with her family. She can’t seem to stop eating Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

This isn’t the only Salguero Family video to star Osita. In fact, the little ball of fluff makes multiple appearances on the Salguero Family’s TikTok page. She even starred in a Pup-Peroni ad made by the Salguero Family!


#ad Everyone in the familia gets the MVP experience on game day! With @Pup-Peroni treats, Osita has the best time ever!

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Even without Osita, The Salguero Family is adorable

If you haven’t already heard of them, the Salgueros are a family of Latino content creators with millions of followers. They prank each other, make funny memes, play games, and have an ongoing “Latino Dad” series that’s pretty hilarious.

According to a profile by Univision, it all started when Diana Salguero, the Salgueros’ daughter, created an account at the beginning of the pandemic. She would regularly post videos of her dad cooking, fixing cars, and just being the funny guy that he is.

“My mom told us to make a TikTok, to pass the time, and that’s how it started,” she told Univision. “My dad and I made a video of the pupusas, we started with that. We had a lot of fun making the video. The next day we put it on TikTok.”


My dad making faces whenever I put the cold face mask on 😂 #facemask #fyp #skincare

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It’s all for the family!

Diana did not expect her dad, José, to become a viral sensation, but that’s exactly what happened. Now, the whole family is in on the fun, regularly creating all types of content for their 5 million followers. One particularly popular video had José applying a facemask because of his daughter’s daily skincare routine.

“It is rare to see a Latino man, putting on masks to sleep at night,” he said. Elsewhere, he continues, “We started recording it and we never imagined that this video was going to be so viral, that it was going to have 50 million views.” However, their fans were happy to see a Latino man open to new experiences.

For José and his family, the most important thing is the “togetherness and the connection.” José, a Salvadoran immigrant who came to the US in the 1990s, is just happy he can spend more time with his family, making funny videos and being in the company of those he loves most.