Whether or not you’re a Bigfoot believer, you may have caught wind of a startling video on your social media timeline this week. Is that Sasquatch prancing around the Colorado mountains? And why do zero Bigfoot sightings involve a good-quality camera with a zoom feature?

Video quality aside, the clip is one of the best Bigfoot sightings since the myth‘s inception in North American Indigenous cultures several centuries ago. In fact, Sasquatch, a name that actually comes from the Halkomelem language, is usually the subject of very grainy footage.

The reportedly 10-foot tall, 500-pound creature with two-foot-long feet has been spotted a lot for a probable myth. The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (yes, it exists) keeps a running record of all the Bigfoot sightings in the United States. California alone tallies 461 sightings, Florida has 339 (wouldn’t Sasquatch get a little hot in the humidity?), and Washington has a whopping 713 Bigfoot appearances.

Probably the most famous Bigfoot footage, though, was shot in 1967 by Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin. They reportedly filmed a female Sasquatch someone named “Patty,” and the video was some of the best evidence Bigfoot believers had — until now.

Yes, a new video filmed in Colorado this week may be the evidence we all needed to finally give the Bigfoot myth a chance. Or, conversely, it may just be a very elaborate prank pulled by a very sneaky company. Here’s everything we know!

A couple from Wyoming allegedly saw Bigfoot in the Colorado mountains: “We believe”

As reported by The Denver Post, Wyoming couple Shannon and Stetson Parker posted about seeing “Bigfoot” in Colorado last week. They reportedly saw the creature while on a train through the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad on Sunday. What was Sasquatch up to? Well, as you can see in several videos, just chillin’ around the San Juan Mountains. It checks!

Still, users immediately caught on to the footage and began questioning, “Real or fake?”

Shannon Parker posted about the sighting on her Facebook page, writing, “As we are passing by the mountains [on the train], Stetson sees something moving and then says, ‘I think it’s Bigfoot.'”

“Y’all, out of the hundreds of people on the train, three or four of us actually saw, as Stetson says in the video, the ever elusive creature, Bigfoot,” Parker added excitedly. “I don’t know about y’all but we believe!”

Parker also spoke to the New York Post about her sighting: “It was at least six, seven feet or taller. It matched the sage in the mountains so much that he’s like camouflaged when crouching down.”

“If you asked before our trip we would have said maybe [Bigfoot] could be real, but now we’re convinced,” she continued.

And no, Parker does not seem to entertain the thought that “Sasquatch” could be a hunter in (tons) of camo. “It didn’t look like a hunter because a hunter would have had a weapon like a bow since its bow season,” she said.

Tons of news outlets picked up the new Bigfoot sighting, because, well, it’s much clearer than that footage from the 1960s. Even the USDA Forest Service had the video on their radar, even if they didn’t seem too convinced about it. They told Complex that they were “not currently investigating the footage taken on the San Juan National Forest last weekend.” But they knew about it.

Still, some people think this is just an elaborate hoax by a Colorado exploring company

Immediately, people on social media started questioning the video, because well… it’s a Bigfoot sighting. The main issue, though? Well, why are all these Bigfoot sighting clips so grainy?

As one X user put it, nearly “everyone has an HD camera in their pocket” nowadays — but Sasquatch sightings all look like they’re filmed on a Motorola Razr.

Another agreed: “All these fancy a** phone cameras we have out now and that’s the best footage you could get of ‘Bigfoot’?”

Why are they all filmed on “potato cameras”? We need answers!

As yet another slightly hopeful X user described, “We gotta get it together” when it comes to filming high-quality Bigfoot footage:

Then, people started thinking this “Bigfoot sighting” was just someone in a very hairy costume:

In fact, one X user revealed that they caught a similar sighting when aboard the same train. “If this is the Silverton railroad, I have literally been on this train and seen this exact guy in a Bigfoot suit.” Wait… what?

At that point, someone added a community note to some of those new Bigfoot videos on X. It reads, “This is part of a quite popular Bigfoot themed expedition trailer company called Sasquatch Expedition [Campers].”

“The owner also likes to dress up as Sasquatch.” Alone? In the Colorado mountains? We have so many questions… but we digress.

Now, of course, we don’t really know anything for sure. Did the Colorado company just come up with the best marketing ploy of all time? Or is this what Bigfoot headquarters want us to believe… and keep him a myth forever?

As for Sasquatch Expedition Campers, a Colorado-based camp trailer company? They just posted a very mysterious Instagram post, saying, “It wasn’t us.”

Captioning the post, “If you know, you know,” they included a photo on the next slide of someone in a Sasquatch costume. So, do with that information what you wish!