As kids, we used to think adults had it all figured out. We imagined we would be magically knowledgeable about the mysteries when our time came to call the shots. As adults, we would naturally be self-assured and savvy. We’d even know how to make a doctor’s appointment without help from los padres! Boy, were we wrong! 

Unfortunately, we might have overestimated how effortless adulthood actually is. The truth is, it can be scary knowing we’re responsible for things like debt, income taxes, and our wellness decisions. It doesn’t help that personal health is often one of those easy things to brush aside when money gets tight. And when we ignore our healthcare needs, they only get worse. 

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When our mitú staff was asked what they wished they knew about being an adult before they grew up, they overwhelmingly agreed on one thing: wellness.

It might have been a bit of a learning curve for them, but their experiences offer some valid guidance into what to know to make this whole adult thing a little easier and how learning to manage their mental and physical health has changed from the days when mom and dad used to handle everything. 

Here’s what they had to say: 

It’s time to get proactive with my health.

“Finding out that my family has a history of diabetes and high blood pressure, I had to learn to get proactive about setting up my healthcare and yearly physicals with my doctor. It seems like a small thing now, but it can make a huge difference later. I don’t want to wake up 10 years from now suffering from something that could’ve been caught with regular checkups and screenings.” — Diego A. 

Quality is really better than quantity.

“There’s nothing worse than ordering your vitamins in bulk online and opening them to find dried up pills, leaving you wondering if they are safe to take. That’s when I found another good reason to shop at my local Walgreens. Bulk buying might work for others, but my body deserves better. It was up to me to make the change and the difference in quality and value is so noticeable.” — Josh G. 

There are ways to make your spending work FOR you.

Taking care of my health has always been important to me but it comes with quite a price tag. Luckily, I was able to find a credit card with the right perks like rewards for health and wellness products I always purchase, which allows me to earn while I spend on wellness.” — Alicia A 

Treat your skin as well as you’d treat your bestie.

“I’m a pretty active person to begin with, but social-distancing really upped my love for the outdoors. Too bad my skin doesn’t always love it as much as I do. Starting a daily skin care routine that always incorporates SPF has made all the difference. My skin no longer looks thirsty, and I can be outside all I want without worrying about damage from Señor Sol.” — Kim H. 

My best days start with even better sleep.

“I love sleeping. It’s just the best. But now that I’m an adult, I don’t have time to take a nap whenever I want. The grind doesn’t stop just so I can go mimis. The rest I get at night has to be immaculate. Finding natural sleep aids like melatonin supplements have been a total game changer. My quality of sleep has never been better and I miss naps a whole lot less than I used to.” — Michael T. 

It’s this focus on proactive health that really seems to be paying off. And Walgreens, your go-to pharmacy and health and wellness retailer, wants to make those healthy choices pay off even more. 


Walgreens wants to reward you for the purchases that matter most when using the myWalgreens™ credit card for personalized wellbeing. Purchases made on the myWalgreens™ credit card offer the chance to earn and redeem savings on future purchases at Walgreens. If approved for the myWalgreens™ Mastercard®, eligible cardholders can earn on purchases outside of Walgreens and use those rewards as savings on their next Walgreens trip.

myWalgreens™ Mastercard® members can earn 3% on health and wellness purchases. This allows customers to earn 3% Walgreens Cash rewards when the card is used at grocery stores, dentist and doctor appointments, counseling providers, vets and pet stores, gym memberships, sporting goods stores, spas/salons/barber shops and much more! And, honestly, being rewarded for everyday choices makes adulthood a little easier.

We may not be able to be proactive with every adult dilemma, but Walgreens will be there as a friendly, reliable and trusted source when it comes to staying well.

*Rewards on prescriptions and other pharmacy items and services cannot be earned in AR, NJ or NY. Only prescriptions picked up in store are eligible to earn rewards. Must be a myWalgreens™ member. Walgreens Cash rewards are not legal tender. No cash back. Walgreens Cash rewards good on future purchases. Exclusions apply. Complete details, including Walgreens Cash rewards expiration dates, at myWalgreens™ Terms and Conditions. Purchases with a myWalgreens credit card are subject to credit approval. See credit card reward program terms for program details.​

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