They say when life hands you lemons, make a lemonade. Well, Latinos have taken this saying as a way of life and this Mexican mom is the perfect example.


Sunday cleaning with my mom and hurricane Hilary 🤦🏻‍♀️🪣🧽🧹#hurricanehilary #mexicantiktok

♬ original sound – soucitigrafix

Amid hurricane season, TikToker Isela Navarrete shared a video of her mom seizing the rainy opportunity in a unique and creative way.

While Tropical Storm Hilary’s torrential waters hit Southern California, causing floods and damaging roads, Mrs. Navarrete had her priorities straight: cleaning.

In the clip, you can see when she pushes her furniture outdoors in the rain, ready to scrub them down with detergent and a good brushing.

But wait, there’s more. The Mexican mom also takes the chance to wash the carpet and sofa cushions. And by the way, the results are mind-blowingly exceptional.

The viral sound from Souci Grafix, used in countless memes, makes the video even more hilarious. The clip has garnered over 40 million of views in just a few days.


Our outside furniture came out just fine😆 my mom never fails to make me laugh 🥹😆 #behindthescenes #hurricanehilary #mexicantiktok

♬ original sound – Isela Navarrete

The deep cleaning hack is a trend among Latina moms

Mis Amores Lucía Díaz is a Dominican mom who’s gone viral multiple times because of her unique way of motivating people to exercise.

Thanks to a user’s suggestion, Navarrete recreated her video using the Dominican creator’s voiceover, and the reactions poured in.

“My grandma and your mom would be besties. She had me out there scrubbing too,” shared one user.

Others highlighted how this is a great idea, and are taking notes. “Well, when I get a patio and some furniture now I know how to clean them,” added another person.

Many asked for more tips and advice for smart cleaning. “This is genius. If anyone has any more tips to give me, send them my way,” commented another TikTok user.

Social media users shared their hilarious videos, riding out the hurricane with laughter

Even in stressful and dangerous times, humans can find moments of joy. Some folks shared hilarious videos of how they’ve braved the hurricane.

This Mexican family turned the situation around by grabbing life vests, hitting the streets on their floats, and sailing through their neighborhood.

Someone caught their neighbor smoothly riding a pool float down the watery road.

Others pretended to be characters from their favorite video game, Fortnite.


Bro bought the heals 💀 @Barstool Gametime (via:@vohade)

♬ original sound – vohade

And some crafty individuals used the rainwater for an unconventional bath.