As they say, Latinos haven’t conquered the world yet because we don’t want to.

Our moms have found about 101 uses for plastic bags and Nescafé containers and childhood birthday parties were a magical arts & crafts extravaganza even when it was hard to put food on the table.

Well, one Mexican family proved our creativity yet again — this time by making an impressive sala at the beach.

TikTok user @anaselenemartinez’s latest video has amassed nearly 25 million views, and it’s easy to see why. It shows a Mexican family unlocking ultimate beach vibes — and we’re definitely recreating their idea at home. The family took a beach trip to Ixtapa and realized they had to pay 400 pesos to rent a table. Not wanting to get ripped-off, they said no table, no problem… and got to digging.

Using a shovel and pails, the family joined forces to make an impressive couch and table out of sand. The video shows how they dug a moat in the sand, forming a table in the middle to eat on. Adding a bit of water to compact the sand, they seamlessly constructed a rounded “couch,” “table,” and even stairs.

All of the family members helped out, because as the video says, “whoever doesn’t help, doesn’t sit.” Así mismo!

Once the stairs, couch, and table were finished, the family topped off their majestic creation with beach umbrellas. They also added a tablecloth so their food wouldn’t get full of sand. Once that was done, they were “ready to have fun at the beach with family” — and yes, with a cooler in tow.

As per Univision, it only took the family 30 minutes to finish their work of art, giving them tons of time to enjoy the beach (cue “Después De La Playa” by Bad Bunny). As you can expect, people on TikTok are going crazy about this invention— and are planning on recreating it ASAP.

One TikTok user commented, “My gosh!!! This is genius,” while another agreed: “How cool, not because of the money… [because of] the beautiful memories.”

Some commented that the family could use the 400 pesos to buy beer instead, while remarking what a nice family “experience” it is. Another user laughed about making the stairs on the side, jokingly calling it “greed.”

Others wondered what happens when the tide rises, while one imagined: “The owner of the table is going to rent shovels for 399 pesos.” LOL. Still, there’s no doubt the Mexican family’s idea is extremely inventive, and we’re 100% trying it on our next beach trip! And yes, we’re taking fire food to pair with our sand table: