Preparing for a new school year is exciting but can sometimes feel like a nerve-wracking chore. Back to School shopping lists can be long and trying to figure out where to shop and to check off every item can get overwhelming. However, we all have that one store that’s kind of like the theme park of stores. It makes us forget where we are because it’s just so magical. Many of us can agree that for many Latinos, that magical store that makes us forget we’re actually running errands is Target. We loooove Target. Some of us get especially excited to shop at Target when it’s Back to School season. Although things might look a little different this year and we may have to limit our shopping time in the physical store, Back to School online shopping at Target is still quite the experience.

Since we’ve adapted this new remote type of lifestyle, we can’t help but notice so many of us share similar Back to School online shopping habits, like…

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1. It always starts off with “I have to go to Target online de carrera. I just need a couple of things.”


It happens. We plan on working on a school project the next day and we realize we’re out of glue sticks. How are we supposed to work on our diorama without a glue stick?! We log into our Target account for a quick few taps on the app… But we Latinos know it’s never a one-item transaction. Shopping online at Target is just as magical as shopping in the store. Everything is just so pretty! We look to Target for glue sticks and next thing we know a box arrives at our doorstep with new chanclas, a collection of the most iridescent glitter gel pens, a pool floatie, a stuffed rhino and decorative twinkly lights… porque uno nunca sabe. 

2. It’s no secret that we love a good deal. It’s also no secret that we love sharing a good deal. 


And that doesn’t change just because we’re online shopping. We’re doing our own online shopping, looking for what we need to check off our own Back to School shopping list when our dear friend Daisy pops in our head and we remember she mentioned she couldn’t find a specific type of calculator she needed for her advanced math class. We text her ASAP because not only did we find what she was looking for, but it’s on sale! She replies and lets us know we’re the best friend a girl could have and we’ve just taken a load off her shoulders and she replies with a flew of heart emojis.

3. We heart eeeeverything.


Sometimes our budget doesn’t always allow us to purchase everything we lay our eyes on, but that’s when double-tapping every item comes in handy. When we’re ready to purchase that dry erase board that lights up or the one with a super cool tye-die trim, we know it’s saved in our faves. 

4. It has probably been a while since we were in grade school, so we turn to the experts for their recommendations on the coolest Back to School swag. 


Year after year, one of the coolest must-haves is headphones. However, the devices we used to rock back in the day to listen to música have dramatically changed. Do you remember the wire and foam headphones we used to depend on to amplify our favorite songs? Today’s headphones are nothing like that. That said, we know we probably aren’t the coolest kids on the block, so we look to the stylish experts to give us their recommendations and let us know what’s in. They might give us a hard time and remind us that the 90s were three decades ago and that they’ve never even seen the headphones we grew up with, but after a little bit teasing and giggles, they get the cool headphones they desire and they save us the head-scratching we do when we try to figure out what dorm decor they prefer. Ganamos todos. 

5. When we shop at Target, we never just shop for ourselves. 


It’s no secret that we Latinos are givers. We love to surprise people. And in these uncertain times, we have seen our community really step up and embrace their generosity. Many of us have sent elaborate surprise care packages to our loved ones or even unexpected one-off items to lift their mood. Others have gathered their neighbors to coordinate donation drives or set up a pop-up library. We know that spirit does not end. The magical thing about shopping at Target is you can always find cute things to surprise a loved one with, especially during Back to School season. Surprising a loved one with school supplies that have sweet messages of empowerment are always easy to find at Target and are sure to get students reenergized for a victorious academic year.

6. We quaran-treat ourselves and let someone else do the mandados for us (for once).


Target is always a must for Latinos, and no one enjoys a Target run more than us, even if parents do Back to School shopping online, we at least look forward to Target’s Drive Up feature so we can get a breath of fresh air from being home all day while still being socially responsible and safe and come home as heroes to our kids. The crema on top of Target’s curbside Drive Up feature is that it is completely contactless!