Starbucks is collaborating with Cuban-Salvadoran artist and painter Manuela Guillén. She is the latest creator to participate in the coffee chain’s Artist Collaboration Series. This fall, her designs will be part of a new merchandise collection at participating Starbucks locations. According to Starbucks Stories & News, the newest drinkware is a celebration of Latin American culture ahead of Latinx Heritage Month, which begins on September 15.

“When you think about Latin America – we’re a very diverse group. People may ski in the south or live near the beach in the Caribbean. I am hoping it’s a beautiful little collection where people can see themselves,” Guillén said of the Latin-inspired collection.

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Also, the collection includes one tumbler and two cups adorned with vibrant colors and graphic designs that eloquently portray Guillén’s artistic style.

“I think community comes first for me,” Guillén said. “When I want to put my art in the world, I try to put everyone in my mind. My art is connecting with people and the earth.” 

Guillén describes her designs for the new Starbucks collection

One piece from the collection, “Manuela’s Dream,” is a stainless steel tumbler featuring a self-portrait of Guillén. Additionally, the beverage container shows off the artist’s face and hair, decorated with bright colors and creative designs.

“It’s like a burst, a party, a piñata in the hair. I wanted it to feel like a celebration,” Guillén expressed.

Secondly, the “Buenas Vibras” cup is translated into English as “good vibes.” The container’s theme is similar to spring and summer colors, adorned with colorful plants, butterflies, birds and a jaguar at the bottom center of the cup.

Lastly, the “Manuela Heart” cold cup is a 24-ounce beverage container, highlighting a lively bilingual design. In the center is a figure that reaches the sky between two hands and coupled with a heart-shaped straw. Meanwhile, the artwork is similar to her earlier paintings in her artistic career.

The new collection has made its rounds on social media. In short, TikToker @fernandacortesx shared a video to her account admiring the Latin-inspired drinkware.

The artist uses her family as inspiration for her paintings

Guillén grew up in Florida, and her surroundings inspired the first series of paintings during her artistic career. As a daughter of immigrants, her parents’ journey of migrating to the United States from Cuba and El Salvador is a story she’s often told through her paintings and murals in college.

“I know the story of these places, and they became my stories,” she said. “It’s a feeling of nostalgia, but also of longing.”  

Guillén’s story may encourage other young Latino creatives to tap into their cultural backgrounds for motivation. Nonetheless, her artwork is an expression of culture, pride and resilience — a nod to her parents for providing a better life for their daughter and themselves.

As many of us gear up to celebrate our Latino cultures, be sure to stop by participating Starbucks locations to purchase merchandise from the new collection.