While the effects of panic-buying amid the global coronavirus outbreak might have acted as a real boon to grocery stores and Amazon, the food industry is undoubtedly suffering. Restaurants are being forced to lay off workers, close stores, and toss out goods. No doubt that for restaurants, food trucks, and bars, there’s a dire need for help as this global pandemic continues to ravage their businesses.

So how do you make sure your local place to eat receives all of the help they can from you individually?

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Get take out.

Look we’re all struggling right now so that guilty pleasure of checking out on GrubHub or Caviar might not be great for you either. But if you have the means you can support your favorite spots by ordering take out or delivery from them every once in a while. It’s not the same as being waited on by your favorite server or bartender but trust us if you can help in this small way it will make all of the difference.

Buy from restaurants to stock your own shelves.

Plenty of small restaurants and bars are offering shoppers items they wouldn’t usually sell in-store. Items like fresh produce, eggs, sauces, and even wine collections are going for sale at your favorite places. And guess what? That toilet paper you’ve been so worried about running low on? You might be able to get a few rolls at the burger joint around the corner. Buying these items from restaurants directly is one of the best ways to keep your necessities stocked up while giving your money to small businesses who need it rather than large corporations.

Buy merch.

Okay, we get it. Sometimes its more fun when merch comes flying at you from a T-shirt launcher, but nothing will feel as good when this is all over as sitting down with your faves and getting those fries you’ve been dying for. Show support for your favorite spots by buying whatever merch you might like and that they are selling online. You might not get the order fulfilled right away but when you return back to the bars with its logo on your shirt, they’ll definitely appreciate your support.

Buy gift cards

You don’t have to ensure your favorite spots gain revenue by actually showing up and sitting down for a meal. You can do so instead, by buying gift cards. According to Vice, “Many restaurants make gift cards available for purchase on their website, but if you don’t see any information, it’s worth giving them a call or sending them an email or DM.”

Don’t forget to tip!

Truth is, you might not be able to go to your favorite spot but so many restaurants are open and servers still need tips to get buy. If you have the means to grab coffee or order from a restaurant don’t shy away from showing thanks to your meal makers and deliverers. Show them some love by handing over a few coins or dollar bills.