Comedy is one of the forms of entertainment that can change your entire outlook on life during trying times. hispanic Comedians have a way of taking any experience and making something funny from it. Or, they are able to get us to forget, just for a moment, the terrifying reality of a truly scary time. Now, like any other hard time in history, comedians are giving us a momentary break from our quarantined realities.

Matteo Lane

Lane might look like any other thirst trap, and you wouldn’t be wrong. However, underneath that seemingly unattainable physique is a man with brilliant one-liners and observations. His comedy is very LGBTQ+-centric, specifically for gay men, but everyone can get a kick out of it. It is worth scrolling through his Instagram is you want a little laugh and eye candy.

Anjelah Johnson-Reyes

We all know this comedian from her time as Bon Qui Qui on “MAD TV.” She was hilarious then and she is hilarious now. The Mexican comedian is also a master of stand up. Who doesn’t remember her stand up about getting her nails done? It is definitely one of the most memorable moments in Internet history, y’all.

Jenny Lorenzo

The Cuban comedian has left us in stitches for years with her incredible abuela character. Lorenzo has been able to create an entire universe out of that character. Her videos show what most of us experience: a muti-generational home. Lorenzo is showing the world what a Cuban household is like when an abuela, mom, and daughter are all trying to figure out how to survive our various crises.

Johnny Sibilly

Sibilly is one of those rare comedians who created LGBTQ+ content from the start. The Cuban comedic sensation gives us a little bit of drag, a little bit of gay, and a whole lot of laughs. If you watch “Pose,” you should recognize him as one of Billy Porter’s boyfriends who dies in the hospital. If you need a pick me, this man is the place to go.

Sasha Merci

The Dominican actress is just a whole lot of fun, and her fun comes with some valuable lessons, sometimes. She was the Instagrammer who created a video asking people not to cancel the Dominican Republic when a slew of tourists died. She was able to use comedy to get people tuned in to a real issue impacting her community and that is something most people can only hope to achieve.

Bianca del Rio

This drag queen superstar is a hilarious person in and out of drag. The performer is one of those Joan Rivers-esque comedians who go for the shock and obscene for the laughs. Honestly, it is one of the many reasons we love her. During this quarantine, del Rio has gotten pretty good with Photoshop adding her face to some of the most important and ridiculous photos on the Internet.

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