While Yahritza y Su Esencia’s Mexican food debate keeps rolling, a lively three-year-old girl has gone viral for picking pozole over chicken nuggets.


Ella no quiere chicken nuggets, ella quiere comida mexicana , picante ! Pozole #yaritzaysuesencia #tizoc #onlychicken #alas #mexican #washington

♬ Son de la Negra – Mariachi Vargas

In a clip posted on Los Foristers’ TikTok account, a Mexican dad captures the adorable moment. He’s in the kitchen with his little one, Brielle, when she boldly declares, “Papá, I don’t want chicken nuggets.”

Upon hearing his daughter’s words, the father asks if she prefers pozole. Brielle enthusiastically responded “yes” excitedly receiving her plate loaded with tortilla chips, chicken and avocado. YUM!

The videos then rolls into a montage of Brielle enjoying other classic Mexican delights, like tostadas de tinga, tamales and many more.

As the caption reads, “She doesn’t want chicken nuggets, she wants spicy Mexican food! Pozole,” the dad writes. The parents also nod to Yahritza and her brother’s comments on Mexico City and its cuisine.

As the Mexican dad explained, he shot the video on Cinco de Mayo last year. That day, he devised a plan to make the dish for the occasion and guess what? It was the little girl’s first pozole adventure!

The Foristers adopted Brielle when she was four days old — and she loves growing up Mexican

The Foristers are a same-sex parenting family that adopted Brielle when she was just an infant in a vulnerable situation, four days after her birth.

As they shared in a video on their social media, the little girl entered their lives when she was just four days old. They made the heartfelt choice to care for her because her biological parents couldn’t, and within a few months, they officially adopted her.

“We swore love to this little angel, and she gave us the blessing of being able to raise. She grew up, and her destiny arranged everything so we could adopt her,” they wrote in the video. “As gay people, there is some rejection of two men taking care of a baby, but there are many types of families.”


Adopción , historia de amor , diferentes tipos de familias !

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On their TikTok and Instagram accounts, they share videos of how they teach their little girl about Latino culture. They cover gastronomy, language, dance, culture and the adorable moments they experience together as a family.

For the child’s third birthday celebration, the decoration took cues from the nopal, a pivotal ingredient in Mexican cuisine.


Primera parte del cumpleaños de Bri numero 3 💚🌵 inspiración en nopales cactus

♬ original sound – Los Foristers

The reactions to the video mirror how Mexicans truly cherish their delicious food and vibrant culture

Now, social media users are commenting on the video, exhibiting diverse reactions. The majority expressed their pride in their heritage, others mentioning the Washington State-based band, too.

“Take notes Yahritza,”, one TikTok user wrote. Other added: “Sending this to Yahritza.”

Others highlighted the importance of teaching the little ones the beauty of Latino culture.

“There is no doubt that children reflect the education they receive at home.”

“I can’t believe that at that age she already knows Spanish and English,” another person said.

Meanwhile, many are sharing their experience with the kids at home.

“My second son used to eat frijoles and rice all the time,” wrote a TikTok user. Another one shared: “My daughter is mixed, and she’s also like this. All she likes is Mexican food.”