There comes a time in adulthood when you realize we basically all lived the same life growing up.

Treasured Tamagotchis dying at a moment’s notice for no reason? Check. Going outside and parents telling you it would make you sick by explaining, “Te va a coger el sereno“? Check. Eating arroz con salchichas? That, too. So it makes sense that many of us Latinos also grew up around extremely clever dog names. A.K.A., who else remembers a “Solovino” in their life? And why are Latino parents like this?

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Twitter user @juandela uncovered a major trend in all of our lives we hadn’t realized until now. As he puts it, “Mexican dog names are so clever,” and it’s true. While he explains how his grandfather named a stray dog “Solovino” because he “just stayed” (LOL), people sounding off in the comments show Latino dog names are unparalleled. We’re howling with laughter, so we’re sharing the wealth. From “Casimira” to “Mesiguio,” have a look at the funniest Latino pup names there ever were.

1. Solovino

First up, we have “Solovino,” an iconic Mexican dog name if there ever was one. Usually given to strays that just show up to the home, one Twitter user recalled: “Omg… my father back In Mexico named his dog the same name ! And it just clicked in my brain why he named him that.” Another agreed, “My grandpa hates dogs, but one day a stray showed up and he fell in love with him. He named him solovino too.” Who else knew a “Solovino”?

2. Casimira

Why are Latino dog names like this? We’re crying-laughing at the name “Casimira,” which is usually a tribute to a dog who doesn’t see that well. Savage? Yes. Kind of hilarious? Also yes. As one IG user explained, a one-eyed dog can be “Casimira,” you know — out of affection!

3. Comotu

Another icon, how could we forget about “Comotu?” It’s no secret Latino parents love plays on words, and making people just a bit confused for fun. An Instagram user explained the 10/10 strategy, and it’s hilarious: “My dad’s favorite one to tell people es q tenia un perro q se llamaba ‘Como Tu’ and the person would get either offended or surprised and then he’d say, ‘se llamaba Comotu.'” Guaranteed laughs for life? We’ll take it.

4. Sancho or Sancha

Okay, okay— hold our beer. People also name their dog “Sancho” or “Sancha,” as in, slang for “the other woman” or man in a relationship. We’re DYING. Why, you may ask? One IG user explained the name of her own “Sanchita,”: “We were temporarily rescuing a dog, and we loved her, she was beautiful… but she wasn’t ours. So we named her SANCHITA 😂.” LOL.

5. Mesiguio

Similar to “Solovino,” the dog name “Mesiguio” is perfect for any stray that followed you home. Even though this one had us spitting out our soda, it’s also surprisingly heartwarming. “Mesiguio” for the win!

6. Cual

From the people that brought you the name “Comotu,” comes another hilarious name guaranteed to annoy everyone. So naturally, Latino dads love this one, too. “Cual” is a dog name that will never get old, but we have another honorable mention: “Pregúntale.” Who else remembers dog names like this from childhood?

7. Mijo

Next up, is there anything cuter than naming your pup “Mijo”? They are our fur babies after all, and this name proves our dogs are our children, full stop. Ma’am, that’s our son you’re talking about!

8. Siqiury

This one might throw you off for a second, but it makes sense, we promise! And it makes us love our Latino parents even more. As one Instagram user described, their mom named their dog “Siqiury” as in “security,” because she was a large German Shepherd. The dog was her very own “Siqiury Guard” and now our hearts are full.

9. Columpio

Moreover, sometimes Latino dog names are a little mean, but they’re all in good fun— and they make our dogs build character (at least according to our dads). Just like iconic “Casimira,” we have “Columpio”: a name for dogs with a limp. A strangely adorable name, we also have grandpa-fave “Bailadora” for a pup with a bit of a twitch. Gotta love abuelitos!

10. Camino

Some Latino stray dog names are inspired by the place where they’re found. If the dog came to you, then he’s in “Solovino” territory, but a dog you found on the road and brought home? That’s “Camino” to you. If the dog (or cat) ended up lost at your house after an earthquake, it’s a “Desvio.” And if you found it on the freeway? Well, then it will be “Freeway.” Keeping it simple!

11. Sixto

As one Twitter user wrote, “Mexican dog names are genius,” and we couldn’t agree more. Only adding more proof the country’s pup names are unparalleled, the replier explained that their dog “was born with a sixth extra toe” on his paw. So, he was baptized “Sixto,” A.K.A. “six toe.” Okay, this one wins.

12. Rita

Next, let’s just take a moment to reflect on how adorable “Rita la perrita” is. Swoon. Now that that’s done, let’s just say the dog name “Rita” can take on many meanings. While some choose it just because it’s cute, others have a much crazier backstory. One IG commenter explained, “We named her ‘Rita’ for ‘Basurita,'” because they found the dog in a dumpster. While sad, the dog lived with them for “many years,” and probably never knew about her “Basurita” full name.

13. Taco Bellita

Last but certainly not least, we have the iconic “Taco Bellita.” Could anything be cuter than a dog name that reminds us of a Crunchwrap Supreme or a Doritos Locos Taco? Hard to beat. One Twitter user explained how their friend found a stray Chihuahua by a San Jose Taco Bell, and the rest was history. Legendary.