It’s almost Easter Sunday, or Pascua, and if you’re Latino — that comes with a whole bunch of costumbres and rituals that most people don’t know about. Of course, all Christians celebrating Easter every year are bound to find common ground when it comes to traditions — no matter where you’re from. While we’re all ringing in Jesus Christ’s resurrection, and many of us also bring in the Easter Bunny or Conejo de Pascua for the kids, there’s so much more where that came from if you’re Latino.

Being Latino on Easter Sunday just has a certain beauty that we wouldn’t give up for the world. Except Easter Sunday outfits with the white ruffled socks. We would definitely give those up:

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Ahead, find nine irrefutable facts about growing up Latino on Easter Sunday.

1. We collect hollow eggs throughout the year, color them, and fill them with confetti… or flour if feeling a lil’ playful.

2. We party… and probably blast “Rie Y Llora” by Celia Cruz or “La Mejor De Todas” by Banda El Recodo.

3. By Easter Sunday, Lent is over — so why not celebrate with some beer and tequila?

4. Sometimes, Easter coincides with Selena Quintanilla’s death… so many of us commemorate the Queen of Tejano, too.

5. We eat delicious foods… like Mexican-mainstay capirotada. We want all the queso fresco and sprinkles, please.

6. Other Easter favorites on the lunch or dinner table? Dominicans can’t live without their habichuelas con dulce, and Paraguyans love to serve up chipa.

7. Being Latino on Easter Sunday means going to a very long Sunday Mass… and then partying with your family afterwards.

8. Talking about church… we really dress up for Easter Sunday.

9. Just one question — why do us Latinos love to celebrate every holiday the night before? Asking for a friend.