Graduation season is in full swing and there is nothing better than seeing all of your graduation caps. We love to see all fo the ways that you decorate your caps to highlight your culture and uplift your parents. Here are some of the caps that caught our eyes this year.

Graduating from college can test some people more than they expect.

“At the end of the day, we can take more than we think.” This Frida Kahlo quote is a perfect way to honor the time, sacrifice, and work that goes into getting that diploma. Working to get your education is not an easy feat and anyone who graduates deserves to celebrate and feel so proud of themselves.

Loteria is always a great, nostalgic way to highlight your heritage.

Loteria is one of the most iconic things to come out of Latin America. The card game is the perfect way to show off your artistic skills while also letting everyone know that you are proud of being Latinx. The best part about using the card game is that you can make a card for any major or profession.

You can’t forget to give your parents all of the praise.

Our parents are the reason that we are the way that we are. They raised us to be strong, independent, and wildly proud people. We would literally not be where we are today without them and as you cross that stage, they need a special place on your cap to be part of your magical moment.

We love seeing all of the first-generation grads.

It is the most American story. Immigrant parents raising American children with a strong understanding and appreciation for their culture. Thanks to the parents’ sacrifices, their children are able to reach for the stars and and live their ancestors wildest dreams.

It’s about family, like everything else we do in our lives.

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Our families are usually very close. Everything we do is a chance for the rest of the family to come together and celebrate. As one member of our family does better, the whole family does better. Take a tip from this cap and show that you appreciate the support your family gave you throughout your education journey.

Butterflies are one of the most important symbols in our community so use them proudly.

Butterflies are free and make the great migration through Mexico to the U.S. The monarch butterfly is an important symbol in our community highlighting the migration north. Use them proudly and let everyone know that there is no limit to what you can do.

Your flag is never a bad choice when creating a grad cap.

A little virgen is a nice nod to more iconic imagery from our childhoods and cultures. We have grown up seeing La Virgen displayed in our homes, churchs, and random street art in our neighborhoods. Tying it to your flag is further diving into your identity and that is beautiful.

Honor a loved one you lost while going through your journey.

It is always sad to lose a loved one before reaching a milestone in your life. We know that abuela would have loved to see you walk that stage to get your diploma. Use your grad cap to honor the special person who can’t be there to see you reach this accomplishment.

Did we mention giving love to your parents?

Always, and we repeat, always give your parents the praise. They did so much to get you to were you are. They deserve all of the love and praise. It might feel like your day but it is really their day as well.

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