These Gifts Will Let Your BFF Know You Love Them Even If The Gifts Arrive Late

Christmas is fast approaching and your BFF deserves a little something for all of those days on FaceTime with you this year. Sure, it might not arrive in time now but it is the thought that counts, right? Here are some gifts to let your bestie know that you love them.

COMADRES T-Shirt | $24.99

Credit: mitú shop

Some people are always there for you and you need to let them know just how much they mean to you. This COMADRES t-shirt is the perfect way to let your bestie know just how much they mean to you.

Best Flan Pin Pack | $14.99

Credit: mitú shop

Enamels pins are forever, at least we hope they are. Just like your friendship, these pins are just as sweet and ridiculous as your never-ending friendship. How many times have you and your friend shared a dessert to gossip about everything? Commemorate that moment with these pins.

Guac Bunny Pin | $9.99

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Every friend group has at least one Bad Bunny super fan. Make sure they know that you know just how much San Benito means to them. It’s always nice when you finally acknowledge their very real relationship.

Papel Picado Amor Eterno Necklace | $29.99

Credit: mitú shop

Simple. Classic. Beautiful. This necklace, made in collaboration with Mercedes Salazar, is a simple way to give your friend a cultural gift. The papel picado necklace both acknowledges their culture and their love for simple elegance.

Calm Your Conchas Sweatshirt | $39.99

Credit: mitú shop

As the mother hen, you might have to be the one who tells your squad what to do for their own good. This Calm Your Conchas sweater is your way of telling your best friend, “Ponte un suéter.” It is also a great sweater to wear during a girl’s Zoom night in.

Maria Is My Homegirl Sweatshirt | $39.99

Credit: mitú shop

Give your friend something they can wear to church and be that cool edgy parishioner. The Virgin Mary is a very important part of the Catholic faith and this ugly Christmas sweater is a hilarious way for your friend to show their love for Mary.

Nope, Todavía No Tengo Novio Sweatshirt | $39.99

Credit: mitú shop

That perpetually single friend will thank you for this one. It is the must-have sweater of the season because you know that everyone is getting ready to ask this question. Instead of wasting their breath, they can just wear this sweater and stop those question in their tracks.

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