There’s nothing Latinos like more than a good oferta. Most of us grew up in households where finding a good deal was our madre’s (or tía’s…or abuelita’s…) sixth sense. But the world is getting  more and more expensive (inflation is real, folks!) which is why it’s important to constantly keep your eyes peeled for places where you’ll get the most for your dollars. And there’s nothing more fun than getting an  amazing value when you score a killer deal.

Like, for example, Wendy’s® BOGO $1 specials on select menu items. Now through September 5, buy 10-piece Spicy Nuggets or Crispy Nuggets, a Spicy Chicken Sandwich, a Classic Chicken Sandwich, or Dave’s Single® and get one other of these items for $1. You really can’t get a better oferta than that.

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We looked to wearemitú’s audience to tell us some more envy-inducing oferta stories. Check out the best deals our audience has ever gotten below! 

1. “One time, I scored tickets to see a HUGE artist for $15! I knew if I waited until the last minute to go and buy them it would be easier to score a good deal from someone who needed to get them off their hands. Moral of the story is that you can score good concert tickets sometimes if you wait until the very last moment LOL” – Ashley Cruz

2. “I bought a whole pair of jeans from a high-end retail store for literally $0.27. I went in looking for a deal, just like my mamá taught me, and I came across this sleek black pair of jeans in the clearance section. Then I saw the tag. They were 27 cents. TWENTY. SEVEN. CENTS. When the cashier scanned the jeans at the register and the price showed up as $0.27 the inner-tía in my soul ascended to heaven. I came in looking for a deal and walked out walking on air.” – Tatiana Ramirez

3. “Through a combination of Black Friday sales, promo codes, and upgrades, I was able to buy a brand new top-of-the-line tablet for $1. I still give myself kudos for that one.” – Nathan Ramos

4. “I once got a 65-inch TV for $100 because an office was getting rid of them during their move. The TV had no business being that price.” – Josue Beas

5. “I paid $80 for a (basically new) dishwasher. My neighbors sold it to me, thinking  it was broken. But it has worked fine for me for the past two years! Saving $1000 (or more) is a pretty dang good deal if you ask me.” – Sonia Aguilera

With all these oferta-inspirations you might be looking for your own way to treat yourself, while saving loads of cash. Even your tía will tell you that a BOGO deal is the chef’s kiss of deals, because buying one thing and getting another for $1 es una bendición. And if you’re looking for a deal that’ll satisfy both you and your wallet, look no further, because Wendy’s BOGO $1 specials are definitely a “best-deal-ever” story to brag to your friends about. It’s also a very delicious story to tell with a “happily ever after” ending.

*Limited time only.  Price and participation may vary at U.S. Wendy’s.  Valid for item of equal or lesser value.  Not valid in a combo or with any other offer.