Disney’s Oscar-nominated film “Encanto” has become popular with viewers of all age groups for touching on many issues that affect Latino families, and creating catchy songs like “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” which highlights intergenerational trauma in the Madrigal family. 

Beyond the soundtrack and the film’s commercial success, “Encanto” has provided much-needed representation for Latino culture.

But Hidreley Diao, a Brazilian digital artist, has taken that representation to the next level by converting characters from “Encanto” into real people using artificial intelligence. Diao has gained 196,000 followers by turning fictional characters like the Simpsons into real people using computer programs like Face Application, Remini, and Gradient. 

Diao’s work for “Encanto” is truly remarkable because of the way the characters look like people we know in our everyday lives — people we could see at work, school, or even at a family gathering. Take a look.


The AI-inspired Bruno really looks too real. Not to mention he looks like that cool tío that we would want to chill with IRL.


The AI-inspired Luisa, Maribel’s sister, looks shockingly similar to Luisa in “Encanto.” Yes, Diao absolutely nailed the facial characteristics.


Camilo, the middle child of Pepa and Félix, is known for his ability to shape-shift in “Encanto,” but the AI-inspired Camilo looks like he could be someone’s little primo. We could easily imagine sitting down with him to play video games or going outside to play football.


Julieta Madrigal, one of the main characters of the film, is known for her ability to cook healing foods for the Madrigal family — and she looks exactly like we would have imagined. We could easily see Julieta as that tía who makes perfect empanadas or sancocho. 


Isabela Madrigal, who’s known for her powers to conjure beautiful flowers, looks just as perfect in real life as she looks in the film. We all have a prima that the family looks to as “señorita perfecta” just like the Madrigals do when they talk about Isabela. 


But we really have to hand it to Diao for his work on Mirabel! The AI-generated Mirabel looks exactly like the cartoon on-screen. We can all imagine her being our studious prima, the one we all look up to for her achievements and wisdom.