A woman in the Dominican Republic just went viral across social media for proposing to her boyfriend in a food court. While some people have applauded the powerful move and seen it as a step in the right direction, others are criticizing the fact that she broke tradition by getting down on one knee instead of him.

As reported by Telemundo, Dominican singer Jessica Moreno, better known as Yeisi MR, proposed to her rapper boyfriend Manuel Núñez (artist name Pressy RD) in a food court. Moreno went for an adorable romantic gesture with a large handwritten poster and a bouquet of red roses. While her friend held up the poster, Moreno got down on one knee, completely surprising Núñez who was eating a KFC meal with a few friends.

Moreno played a few tricks to make sure the proposal was a complete shock to her boyfriend: she told Núñez that she felt sick, and asked him to pick her up. The video shows how Núñez looks a bit confused at first, but when she finally proposes, he says “yes” and the two embrace.

About the proposal, the Dominican woman explains that they were “both nervous” and that she was “trembling.” She said, “I called him and then I got down on one knee.” She asked, “Manuel, will you marry me?” While her boyfriend now says he got “goosebumps” and that his “stomach closed.”

Moreno posted a video of the proposal on her Instagram page, captioning it with, “I’ve seen so many messages telling me that women are not supposed to propose to their partner.” To that, she explained, “I am happy because I don’t believe in society’s generic thoughts and live my life all the way.” About her motto when it comes to love, the singer described, “There is no book or law to teach you how to love, nor a rule that prohibits me to express everything I feel for [Núñez].” 

Meanwhile, Núñez also posted the same video on his own Instagram account, explaining that he “never thought” someone would love him so much to have the courage to propose to him. About the total surprise, he explained that Moreno told him she had to see him “urgently” and that he ran out in his work clothes. He wrote, “I’m publishing this [post] and I’m still nervous. I can’t believe it.”

In the video, one can see many people surrounding the couple clapping at the gesture, so it’s clear many people see the act as extremely romantic. Núñez himself even called his new fiancée’s move an “act of bravery.” Still, many have taken a certain level of offense at the gesture, and for some reason — the couple has attracted quite a few haters.

Some Instagram users have called Moreno “crazy” on her page, while others have accused the couple of “planning” the viral proposal to elevate their music career. Still, the singer explained in a separate post that she will be “the happiest wife in the world” because her heart tells her constantly that Núñez will be “the best husband in the world.” 

Meanwhile, the two have a song called “La Banquera” that is a bop, so you can find us listening too it and cheering to the happy couple!