We didn’t expect to cry on a Friday afternoon, but here we are. TikTok star Juixxe is at it again, using funds from fan donations to give heartwarming experiences to the people that deserve it the most. Juixxe is known for paying street vendors for all the tacos they can sell in an hour (one “Free Tacos” sign later, and vendors sell hundreds), as well as often giving them $1,000 just to support them. Videos like this one, where Juixxe buys all the chocolate a woman is selling and only keeps one bar — plus gives her extra money that makes her tear up — is the reason people can’t get enough of his content.

Now, the TikTok and IG sensation has a new Disneyland series that’s hitting us right in the feels. Juixxe is surprising day workers he meets on the street with trips to Disney, a place many of them have “never” been to before. As Juixxe puts it, “their smiles say it all” — and you’ll be happy you watched this.

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Juixxe is surprising workers with free trips to Disneyland, and as one user put it, helping “heal their inner child”

The TikToker first posted a video taking workers to Disneyland just last month, when he offered the surprise to a fruit vendor. He asked two men at the stand, “Have you ever been to Disneyland?” to which they replied, “Inside? No.”

Juixxe offered them the chance to go, but one of the men said: “Honestly, we’re working,” and declined. Even after the TikToker promised to pay him for the day, he still said no. At that point, Juixxe asked: “What if we sell all the fruit?” which made them laugh. The fruit stand owner entered the conversation, and said they could go if the TikToker paid for her stock.

He paid her $500 and yelled to the hilltops that the stand was offering free fruit — so, of course, people lined up. Countless tajín and chamoy-drenched fruit cups later, and the two men were off to Disney with him. “Good to go.”

The two men got Mickey Mouse hats, filmed the parade, went on all the rides, and couldn’t stop laughing and smiling. By the end, the men thanked Juixxe for all the fun, saying, “It was really cool… It was a really great day.” As one video commenter put it, “This is SO BEAUTIFUL! Their laughter made me feel joyous.”

The first Disney trip was such “a success,” Juixxe couldn’t stop there

By the second day, Juixxe went to Home Depot asking three day workers in the parking lot if they were looking for a job. They said yes, and then came the kicker: “Have you guys been to Disneyland?”

One said, “I haven’t been inside because of money,” and none of them could believe it when they were offered the chance to go. Juixxe promised to pay each $200 so they wouldn’t miss a day of work, and they were on their way. As one of the workers put it, “I’ve always passed by but I’ve never gone inside.”

Once in Disneyland, the three workers let out their inner child, hopping on all the rides and smiling nonstop. They laughed and screamed on the rollercoasters, held on for dear life, and took tons of pictures. The workers thanked the TikToker for all “the fun” they experienced once they left.

An IG user said it all: “I love seeing older men heal their inner child, even if it’s just for a day. 😭😭.” Another echoed that comment: “Those are someone’s fathers, someone’s brothers, someone’s children. My heart rejoiced seeing this. With so much hardship that Latino people face, they deserve softness. They deserve to be kids. ❤️”

The third video in the Disneyland series just made us cry — especially for one of the worker’s comments

The last video in the series (so far!) also starts at Home Depot, where the TikToker once again asks three workers if they’re looking for a job that day. Once three agree to go, Juixxe says: “The work is going to be heavy… We’re going to Disneyland.” We love this.

Although the workers seemed to think they were going to work at Disney, the TikTok star clarified: “[It’s to] go enjoy the day.” He also promised to “pay them well” for the fun.

The three are immediately pumped to go, and one of them thanks the TikToker for the “support” beforehand. He says, “Let’s go enjoy and smile a bit.” And did they smile.

This group of three men at Disney were everything we needed to see today. They go on all the water rides, spin around on the teacups, go for the 3D rides, and film the parade. As one worker put it, he had the smile “of a child who had never had a toy.” By the end, Juixxe gives them $200 each, and one worker tells him, “Thank God and you as well.”

Our hearts? Exploding.