Many of us dog owners can understand just how important our pups are to us. They are always there for us when we need them the most, whether it’s after a hard day at work, a sad breakup, or anything in between. Right? But dogs are also just as crucial during the good times! Especially during the good times. That’s probably what this Mérida couple was thinking when they brought in their chihuahua, Hercules, as a witness to their wedding.

Yes, you read that right: Yucatán bride and groom Mariana Ávila and Julio Ulises Can Gomez decided to do something extra significant on their special day, that would include their “baby” Hercules in the ceremony. As reported by Univision, the couple “immediately” thought their chihuahua had to be present during their civil wedding.

Gomez explained to the outlet that they wanted to make sure they could bring in their chihuahua as an unofficial witness, but they found out they indeed could— y pues, “adelante.”

Ávila further described how they confirmed with officials, who told them “yes.” Hercules could sign their marriage license— as long as his pawprint went on the back of the paper, not the front. Why? “Because that part is symbolic,” simply serving as “something special” for the happy couple.

There’s no doubt Hercules was the star of the show at the wedding— decked out in an adorable tuxedo no less. And don’t worry, it wasn’t just them and the dog, the civil ceremony also included the bride and groom’s family and friends.

Ávila took to Facebook to further talk about her emotions that day, writing, “A lot of people will say that I’m crazy… but for me this was super important and it made me very happy.” She said she isn’t worried about the critics, because she was ecstatic to have Hercules present on their special day. She said their “little guy” is her “baby,” and that “everyone should do what they please with their life.” Amen to that!

Photos posted by the bride show Hercules’ tuxedo in more detail, all the while “signing” the marriage license with his paw. The couple looked as happy as ever on their big day, while their wedding cake topper showed they actually have three more cute pets.

We’re obsessed!