Buchona vibes are taking over TikTok. Take a look, and you will find categories such as “buchona girls” and “buchona lifestyle.”

There is even a “Fiona Buchona” on social media — yes — that Fiona from Shrek. 

The Buchona look goes something like this: Long, jeweled acrylic nails and high-heels that defy the Empire State Building. It includes assets augmented by the hands of a plastic surgeon, impeccable make-up, collagen-plumped red, red lips, and, peeking from a plunging neckline, a chain with a gold and diamond encrusted AK-47. 

Buchona is more than how you look and what you wear — it’s a lifestyle 

The Buchonas have made narcoculture fashionable. How long before we see it on a Paris catwalk modeled by one of the Kardashians?   

The term first surfaced and became popular in the Mexican state of Sinaloa. It describes the girlfriend or wife of a narco-lord — el buchón o buchones. 

Supposedly, it refers to the Spanish buche, the part of a bird’s mouth where it stores food. It also refers to the preference for Buchanan’s whiskey by the Sinaloa narcos. 

In the Buchona videos, the bottle has pride of place.

A trend set by a former beauty queen

Buchona resurfaced with a vengeance after the arrest of former beauty queen Emma Coronel Aispuro, the young and beautiful wife of supremo Mexican Narco Joaquin’ El Chapo’ Guzman, known as the Queen of the Buchonas. 

El Chapo is serving life in prison plus 30 years in a United States federal prison.  She was sentenced to three years and should be released later this year.

Known as “la Buchona maxima,” she was an Instagram Diva with more than 650,000 followers before her arrest, building a marketing empire under the brand “El Chapo Guzman.”   

A daily presence at her husband’s trial, she exuded wealth from her Yves St. Laurent sunglasses, extensive plastic surgery (and tiny waist), dark hair dyed blonde, and haute couture outfits.

After Coronel Aispuro re-energized the Buchona look, it spread like wildfire 

Coronel Aispuro’s style and aesthetics became the norm among women who play a role in drug cartels or simply want to live the Buchona vibes. 

Influencer Jenny69, for example, flashes pure Buchona style in her video — never mind the singing. She says, “This is no flex; it’s a lifestyle.” 

Other women who love Buchona Cosmetics also live by the motto “antes muerta que sencilla,” created by South Texas influencer Xiomara Tellez

Tellez came up with a pretty accurate description of the women that adopt the Buchi-Boss style: “an empowered woman who kicks ass.”

And what would a Buchona be without her Buchona flores? 

The “Buchona bouquet” has been trending on social media for the last few days. It is about dozens of red (or any color of choice) roses, usually Ecuadorian, wrapped in silk paper or a layer of dollars.

Buchonas, the divas of the Narcoculture, are taking over popular culture, kicking proverbial ass on TikTok, and celebrating their over-the-top, extravagant excess.